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Right before the Disney company hit its "renaissance of sorts” in 1989 with "The Little Mermaid" there was the 1988 tale about a young kitten trying to find his way in New York City: "Oliver & Company". Though this adorable movie, inspired by Charles Dickens’s "Oliver Twist", is now somewhat shadowed by other Disney classics it still holds a major place in Disney history with its diverse range of creative characters and stellar voice talent. Now it's time to find out which of the five major animal characters you most resemble!

  • 1
    When asked to give directions, your response would be:
    Continue down 7th Avenue, turn left onto Broadway, and you’ll find yourself right in Times Square.
    Sure! Sure! I’ll give you directions! Where do you want to go? Why? I bet I’ve been there before!
    Actually, if you could tell ME where we are, that’d be great.
    Wherever you’re going, I hope I don’t end up there.
  • 2
    Clothing choice:
    I’m grateful for whatever is provided.
    It doesn’t take much to make me look impressive.
    Simple, but enough to show my personality…looking slick is just a helpful add-on.
    Only the best, biggest, brightest, and most attention grabbing accessories.
    Whatever isn’t ugly.
  • 3
    If you moved from one location to another that was totally different, you would:
    Establish myself as someone to not mess with.
    Greet it with much enthusiasm.
    Find someone to help me out in my new surroundings.
    Explore and learn about the new place on my own.
  • 4
    Your opinion on sharing:
    I love to share! Everyone deserves his or her piece of the pie.
    Nobody wants to share with me.
    Sharing isn’t in my vocabulary.
    I only share my love for others. Everything else is mine!
    I’ll share if I know you well enough.
  • 5
    If a friend were in trouble you would:
    Freak out and act like you were the victim.
    Jump in without a second thought.
    Get prepared to fight, but unknowingly get distracted by something else.
    Assess the situation carefully, and then spring into appropriate action.
    Be the one doing the bullying.
  • 6
    How do you think others see you?
    A nice person, I hope.
    They look to me for guidance.
    Someone not to cross paths with.
    They know the world would never function without me!
    They see a tough exterior with the heart of a romantic.
  • 7
    Can you dance well?
    No, I hate dancing.
    Not only can I do a dance, I can teach a dance.
    I invented dancing.
    I watch everyone else’s steps before I try it.
    The beat guides me. How much better can you get?
  • 8
    The perfect day for you would be:
    Ensure good looks, eat, strut, rest, ensure good looks, pose, reign over your territory, ensure good looks, eat, and then get your beauty rest.
    Make sure you’ve annoyed at least one person to the max, and then gloat about it to all of your friends.
    Hang around with your friends and cause trouble. Maybe buy a few things, and hope you will return home with at least two phone numbers.
    Taking a walk through a new area. Meet up with some friends, Try a new food, do some window shopping, then head home to relax in front of the TV.
    Socialize, reflect on your accomplishments, then return home to relax with a good book.
  • 9
    When faced with work you:
    Make sure there’s something in it for you before doing anything.
    Do it if it will impress others.
    Exceed everyone’s expectations of you.
    Get someone to do it for you.
    Do the best that you can and still have time to play afterwards.
  • 10
    Teamwork to you is:
    Only intended for no more than two.
    A meaningless word.
    Something requiring skill and strategy.
    An exciting adventure.
    What I need to keep me focused on the task at hand.
  • 11
    To fix your computer, your first step would be:
    Scream for help as your pointless clicking proceeds to spread a virus.
    Attempt to figure out the solution on your own. True knowledge is only gained through experience!
    Get electrocuted for touching the wrong wire.
    Yell at technical support for being so stupid, and then kick the computer.
    Call technical support and kindly request assistance.
  • 12
    When you sing:
    I don’t sing.
    Everyone throws tomatoes at me.
    Everyone applauds, of course.
    Everyone says how cute it sounded.
    The whole world stops and is brought to tears by my melodious voice.
  • 13
    Your favorite part of the mall is:
    The clothes store or the food court.
    I can look at everything in the mall and still want more! It’s all good to me!
    Any of the expensive places.
    The beauty salon.
    The toy stores and bookstores.
  • 14
    School/work to you is:
    Just another part of life to get through.
    Time that would be better spent relaxing.
    Where you establish your place at the top of the social ladder.
    Something you can easily choose not to take part in.
    A time to do your best work and make friends!
  • 15
    Your favorite book subject(s) is/are:
    Beauty tips and/or yoga tips.
    Adventure and/or mystery.
    Gothic literature and/or horror.
    Fantasy and/or humor.
    Action and/or romance.

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