Do you have an evil side?

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We all have imagined what it would be like if you were evil, or the devil, but are you actually evil?

  • 1
    Your best friend just revealed to you that she is going out with your HUGEST crush EVER, whom, unfortunately, you still love! What do you do?
    Calm, soothing meditation. Breathing deeply and serenely.
    Hunt him down. You will not stand for this!
    Voodoo always works for me. Now where is that doll.....
  • 2
    You see a dragon flying through the sky on a family trip to England. What do you do?
    Yell, "Come to me, Brother!"
    Take millions of pictures. You don't want this to pass you by!
    Scream and run into a bomb shelter
  • 3
    Your mom just called you on your cell, and, WaAaAa! your hamster, Muffins, died. How do you react?
    Cry for 12 hours straight, then sleep for 18 more hours
    It was annoying and evil anyways
    Don't react.
  • 4
    Your little sis is at cheerleading practice, which, unfortunately, you have been bribed into co-coaching for the season. How do you pass the time?
    Ripping apart the pompoms. No pompoms, no cheerleaders.
    Doing everything they do! I really love this!
    Ignore the world around me.
  • 5
    You are shopping at the mall with a bunch of friends, and, gasp, you see your absolute worst enemy and her BF in the store you are about to head into! You:
    Head in anyways. Better to face the Demons now than later
    Sneak in, and take every single size except the pluses and put them in the store's dressing rooms.
    Stick my tongue out at her and her BF!
  • 6
    At the absolute worst family event that could happen to you, the grill, including hamburgers, catches fire! How do you react?
    Cry. That hamburger was mine.
    Scream. I hate fire!
    Laugh evilly and thank every single higher being you know for the luck!
  • 7
    Ok, almost done. You find out that you are adopted, and that you have an identical twin in Ohio. What do you do?
    Hop on the plane to Ohio with my "parents". Grrrrr......
    Woohoo! ROAD TRIP!
    Hide in my room with the door locked burning every picture of them.
  • 8
    Your cell falls into a puddle on your way home from school. What do you do?
    Pick it up and hold a funeral at home
    Leave it there. I hated it anyways
    Freak! What will my parents do?
  • 9
    Your math teacher is totally evil, and hands out a pop quiz first period Monday morning! What are you thinking?
    Whatever. I fail anyways!
    Voodoo doll's getting a beating tonight!
    Yay! A chance to show off my brilliance!
  • 10
    It's your birthday. Your family mills around the house as usual. They show no signs of birthday-ness! What do you suspect?
    I'm still dreaming.
    They forgot! Evil minions of the DEVIL!
    Surprise party later, probably.

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sam ( 6.115 )
Posted 265 days ago
i am 80% evil!