What High School Stereotype are YOU?

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We all know what high school is, and the majority of us have been to high school. But, have you ever wondered what people thought of you, labeled you, or even called you? If so, this test is for you!

  • 1
    Ahhh! It's morning and you wake up to a buzzing alarm. What time is it?
    7:00 AM
    6:30 AM
    5:30 AM
    Me, wake up for school? PFF!
    6:00 AM
  • 2
    Now that you're out of bed and all set for a wonderful day of school, you need to get there! How do you arrive?
    My mom/dad/guardian takes me.
    I walk.
    By Car!
    The Bus.
    I come in late, so it doesn't matter.
  • 3
    You're at your locker, getting your books and a group of people dressed in black laugh at you while passing. What do you do?
    I -am- one of those people in Black
    Worry if a rumor got out about me/Beat the crap out of them
    Run away!
    Make some witty remark.
    Shrug it off.
  • 4
    You're sitting in first period, Algebra 2. What are you doing?
    Paying very close attention and ignoring the idiots in the class.
    "Cracking" everyone up because of Mr. Jackson's ripped pants.
    Passing Notes/Sleeping
    Trying to stay focused, but Mr. Jackson has a rip in the back of his pants and some goof is making funny jokes about it!
    Woah, I'm in Algebra!
  • 5
    Now you're in the hallway, making your way to second period when the person in front of you falls down the stairs! What is your reaction?
    Laugh at them, then ask if they're okay.
    Point and Laugh at them, then remind them of how stupid they are all day
    Cry because someone just tripped you in the hallway.
    Glare at them.
    Smirk and continue you way towards class, you can't be late again or you'll get a detention.
  • 6
    You made it to 2nd period, and you weren't even late! You sit down and notice that you've just sat in gum. Oh No! What do you do?
    Sigh, go to the teacher and asked to be excused.
    Scream. Who ever did this is going to pay!
    Frown. This isn't pretty, but luckily, you keep extra pants in your locker for said incidents!
    Don't even notice.
    Pfff! I didn't sit in gum, I put the gum on the chair!
  • 7
    Heading on to 3rd period, study hall! What are your plans in that class?
    Chat with my friends/Make fun of the kid helping the teacher.
    Think of new ways to 'burn' people.
    Help the teacher with anything he/she needs!
  • 8
    Yay, now you're going to a FUN* class, Health! You get to learn about STDs today and you have to see some pictures! What's going through your head?
    I'm never having sex! Ever!
    Wow, that's pretty nasty.
  • 9
    Now that that's over, it's time for lunch! What table to you sit at?
    The table in the far corner where me and my friends talk about all the drugs we've done.
    The table closest to the end of the line, so when people come out with a tray full of food, you can trip them!
    The table where all my friends sit at.
    The crowded table!
    I don't eat in the lunch room! Are you crazy!
  • 10
    After lunch you're sitting in your Chemistry class. The teacher is trying to explain how to balance chemical equations and you're...
    Throwing things at the teacher while his/her head is turned towards the board.
    Talking to my friends/Asking Tiffany what she's doing tonight.
    Trying very hard to pay attention but you can't get your head out of the clouds!
    Gasping! The teacher has made a mistake!
  • 11
    The day is going by fast, and all the sudden you realize you're in 8th period, the last bell of the day! The long hand on the clock is almost at the 6, and you get out at 2:30! Your gazing at the clock when you're teacher, Mr. Burgs, asks you what should be done to stop world hunger. How do you reply?
    I didn't hear what the dude said, I was asleep.
    Well, if we just gave Turkey to Hungary, they wouldn't be hungry!
    There are SSSOOO many things we could do! All the food our country wastes each year is one of the reasons for world hunger! If we each...*rambles on*
    I don't know.
  • 12
    Yay! The bell has finally rang! You go home. It's Friday night and you're going to...
    Hang out with some friends
    Sit at home and wonder why I'm not doing anything
    Get really drunk at a party/concert and smoke a bunch of stuff!
    See a funny movie with some pals, then go out to eat or something
    Go to the game, then to a party/Play in the game then go to a party if we win, WHICH WE WILL!
  • 13
    Well, your mother/father/guardian called your cell phone and told you to come straight home. Why did she/he/it call?
    Uhh ohh, I'm in trouble...
    We lost the game and they're disappointed. NO, WE LOST!
    I was at the art museum and she/he/it called because my favorite documentary is about to start!
    Don't know, Don't care, Not going home...
    Oh no, they found the fake barf in my drawer and they know I used it to get out of class!
  • 14
    Well, you parent/guardian called because you broke curfew. Whoops! But, because they are so forgiving, they let you off the hook. You go to sleep in your bed and start having dreams. What about?
    New shoes/New basketball
    Oh! I discovered that pi doesn't go on forever! I WIN A NOBEL PRIZE!
    I was running down a long hallway with all these crazy butchers chasing me!
    X rated!
    Woah, man...this talking mushroom told me to take a brown bag to the Prince of Pugs and I met this girl shaped like a needle...
  • 15
    Yay, it's tomorrow! You're walking down the street and someone calls you a...
    Freaky Goth who cuts himself (Screw them!)

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e1mma1 ( .2.73 )
Posted 105 days ago
this is okay. i was the cool girl in high school i just graduated
notyourbusiness ( 11.12 )
Posted 329 days ago
Grammar error, immature options, etc.