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Do you really know "The Lord of the Rings" well? Here is a test to help you find that out.

  • 1
    Who was the person able to touch the One Ring without activating its power?
    only Sauron... if he ever wanted that is
    Tom Bombadil
  • 2
    What was Galadriel's gift to Aragorn?
    a blessing for his relationship with her granddaughter
    a lock of her hair
    a sword to use until Narsil is ready
    she didn't give him anything
    a pendant with elven stone
  • 3
    Gimli and horseriding... which of the following sentences describes the situation best?
    He wasn't fond of the ida but he could see the profits of it as well
    He couln'd ride at all until Legolas taught him - then he could ride pretty well if he found himself a good horse
    He never voiced his opinion and he always rode with Legolas
    Although he boasted that he could ride he had no skills
    He was a decent rider but belived it to be a disgrace for a Dwarf to ride a horse so he prefered to hide the fact
  • 4
    The first meeting with an Elf for Sam was...
    when he met Arwen on their way to Rivendel
    when he met Gildor and other Elves of his group thavelling towards Grey Havens
    when they met Glorfindel on their way to Imladris
    when he, Merry and Pippin met Legolas while entering Rivendel
    in Imladris (Rivendel)
  • 5
    Frodo and Sindarin:
    thanks to Bilbo taking him to meet Elves ever since he could remember and teaching him he spoke Sinarin fluently
    he always loved the sound of language but he could never understand a word of it
    he taught himself a bit while being in Rivendel
    thanks to the lessons with his unkle he could understand some of it and speak a little
    Legolas was teaching him and the other Hobbits during the journey
  • 6
    When did Frodo and Sam join Sauron's army?
    When they got mistaken for orks in Mordor and had to run quite a distance with real orks
    Frodo offered to join the orks that kidnapped him if they promise to let them free in return
    When the One Ring possesed Frodo to that extend that he was willing to help Sauron and Sam was hoping to make him remember who he really is
    Never, of course
    When they were hoping to convince the orks to tell them the shortest way to Mount Doom
  • 7
    Upon entering the Fangorn Forest Legolas...
    felt tense and immediately senced danger lurking in the forest
    felt young for the first time in quite a while
    realised that he feels longing to go out of it and see a sea
    thought that Greenwood the Great (Mirkwood) is more beautiful than Fangorn
    was too worried about Merry and Pippin to notice he is in the forest, something he never managed overlooked before
  • 8
    Galadriel always looks as if she was from some other world. Where ws she actually born and who was her father?
    All we know is that she had some Valar blood in her veins
    She was born in the west, in Valinor, in the times of the light of the trees. Her father was Feanor, maker of the most beautiful jewels world has ever seen. Galadriel came to Middle Earthwith her brothers who have sworn to retrieve stolen jewels their father made
    She is a daughter of a powerful king of Gondolin and that is where she was born. When he grew up she started travelling and fell in love with a prince of Lothlorien, who found her lost in the woods. They got married, informing Galadriel's father about it afterwards.
    It was never mentioned, any guess is good
    She was found on a bank of a river, not remembering a thing about her past. Only heer clothes suggested she came from some royal family. Her parents were never found. She lived in Lorien where a love between her and Celeborn slowly developed
  • 9
    Lotho Baggins was:
    Frodo's brother brought up by his other relatives after their parents drowned
    Frodo's cousin, who wanted to come with him, Merry and Pippin but who was forced to stay by his mother so he settled on promising to pass a message Gandalf
    one of the Sackville Bagginses - there is nothing more said about him
    some relative of Frodo and Bilbo - he was mantioned once, during Bilbo's birthday party
    Frodo's nasty relative from Sackville that had his part in ruining Shire before he was killed by Grima Wormtongue
  • 10
    Elrond was:
    (this is a last chance question - I don't want people having no points in the test)
    an Elf
    a Human
    a Dwarf (well, it was worth a try...)
    a Hobbit (but he learned to conceal his heritege as he was riced by Elves and learned Elven magic and he gained himself a great respect thanks to his knowledge)
    a Half-elf (Peredhil)

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