Are You Hot

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Just a totally subjective quiz to whether I'd think you were hot or not...guys only!

  • 1
    How Tall Are You?
    6'3'' to 6'5''
    6' to 6'2''
    6'6'' or over
    5'9'' to 5'11''
    5'8'' or under
  • 2
    What color is your hair?
    Some Weird Color
  • 3
    How Long is Your Hair?
    Buzz Cut or Bald
    Short and Spiky or Styled
    Short and Clean Cut
    Super Long (past shoulders)
    Long (shaggy to shoulder length)
  • 4
    How Into Clothes Are You?
    I wear all the most stylish clothes...I'm sexy
    Not at all...I'm a total slob
    I like to look good; that's really important to me
    I'm a total metro; I dress better than you
    Not much, I just keep myself looking nice
  • 5
    What is your body type?
    Average...maybe a few extra pounds
    I'm huge
    Skin and Bones
    Pretty Thin, But Not Nasty Thin...we'll just say lean
  • 6
    How smart do you consider yourself?
    Yeah...I don't know how to add Dennis Rodman pretty much
    I'm about average...I can hold intelligent conversations anyway
    I'm a genius...definitely smarter than you
    I'm very should see my grades
    I'm not too brilliant, but I have my moments
  • 7
    How big of a sense of humor do you have?
    I'm pretty average...I laugh when something's funny, and I can be funny too
    I'm as dull as stats class (no offense to math lovers)
    I'm hilarious, you should hear some of my jokes
    I'm a one man show
    I'll laugh a little when someone jokes, but that's about it
  • 8
    Do you consider yourself to be honest?
    I lie quite a's just too easy
    I'm about 50/50...catch me on a good day
    I'm honest, but I won't hurt someone if put on the spot
    I'm a pathological liar....don't trust me
    Yes, I always tell the truth no matter what...even if it hurts
  • 9
    How religious are you?
    I regularly attend church and love God a lot
    Not at fact, I don't believe in God
    I'm not, but I'm not sure about God...haven't quite decided on that
    I go to church once in a while and I'm a good person
    I'm fanatical...either get saved now or you're going to hell
  • 10
    What religion are you?
    Something other than Christian
    I told you...I'm not religious
    Some other type of Christian (Baptist, Lutheran, etc....)
    Seventh Day Adventist
  • 11
    How concerned are you with other people?
    I'm concerned, but I don't do too much...basically I'm just a nice person
    I'm not really worried about it....I fend for myself
    I'm concerned...I help out when needed
    Super concerned...I organize groups to help the homeless and do charity work all the time
    Whatever....that's their business, not mine
  • 12
    How much of a slut are you?
    I've had very few relationships...I'm haven't met the right girl yet
    Yeah, I made a mistake one time....
    A total bitches better beware
    I get around, but I wouldn't define myself as a slut per say
    I've had my share of relationships, but I haven't slept with anyone
  • 13
    How athletic are you?
    Yeah, try to catch me on that field
    I'm athletic, but not obsessed with it
    I like to play sports a lot; it keeps me in shape
    I like to watch that a sport?
    Super athletic...everywhere I go, there's something to be conquered
  • 14
    What kind of music do you like?
    I like the older, know....Bob Dylan, The Beatles, that kind of stuff
    Rock n' Roll...that's what I'm talking about
    Classical....I'm so refined, aren't I?
    Country rocks my socks
    Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B all the way
  • 15
    What's your kind of movie?
    Chick flick...please don't laugh at me
    Action, yeah!
    Foreign films (yes, I'm that intellectual)
    Drama....nothing like a good story
    Comedy...I like to laugh
  • 16
    What color hair does your ideal girl have?
    Some Weird Color
  • 17
    How tall is your ideal girl?
    6' or over
    5' or under
    5'9'' to 6'
    5'1'' to 5'4''
    5'5'' to 5'8''
  • 18
    What type of body does your ideal girl have?
    I want Twiggy
    She's got to be a Big Momma
    Thin, but not too skinny
    I don't mind a few extra pounds
    Average, I don't want her to starve herself
  • 19
    How does your ideal girl dress?
    She doesn't really care about clothes, like me
    She keeps herself nice, but she's not obsessed with clothes
    She's a supermodel when it comes to fashion
    She's tailor trash, dude
    She's into all the trendy stuff
  • 20
    What kind of personality does your ideal girl have?
    She's quiet and serious
    She love to laugh and loves to talk
    She's shy, but she can joke around a little
    She enjoys a good laugh and likes to talk, but she's not super outgoing
    I can't get a word in edgewise

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