Which crew member of the 'Heart of Gold' are you?

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Are you a fan of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series? Well, if you are, you can find out if you're Arthur, Ford, Trillian, Zaphod or Marvin.

  • 1
    A small, almost unnoticed planet was destroyed, what is your first thought?
    Oh, God, I'm so depressed
    Will that entry I wrote about that planet be destroyed with it?
    Does anybody want my autograph?
    Where is the tea?
    That was my home planet...
  • 2
    The universe is about to be destroyed, what is your plan of action?
    Hitchhike across the galaxy and try to talk to whoever is trying to destroy the universe
    I start thinking, maybe I could find a way out of this
    Pretend to help, but don't really
    Going along with what people say, I'm so much smarter than them it doesn't even matter anymore
    Going along with whatever people say, because I don't know what they are talking about
  • 3
    Out of nowhere, a sperm whale and a bowl of petunias begin to fall from the sky. What do you do?
    Stare blankly, that's not something you see everyday
    I'm to busy being smarter than everyone to notice
    Think that maybe I should have stayed home
    I'm to busy landing the ship to notice
    Stare blankly, that's not something you see everyday
  • 4
    Normality. That's something to be discussed until the cows come home.
    What are cows?
    What is normal?
    I miss home, and tea as well
    What is home?
    Stop bothering me with these stupid questions
  • 5
    The Ultimate Answer to Life the Universe and Everything is 42.
    I knew that, now what's the question?
    That's an odd answer...
    Just let me sit here and rust, no one cares anyway
    42? That's stupid!
    That's an odd answer...
  • 6
    The smartest animals on Earth...
    Who cares?
  • 7
    The doors are happy to open for you
    The doors are so smug, I hate them
    Stupid doors
    Odd doors
    Weird doors
  • 8
    Zaphod Beeblebrox is the president of the Galaxy
    Of course! Who else?
    Yes, I know that, but he's not that lucky
    Why do I care?
    Yes, I know
  • 9
    What's the worst day of the week, in your opinion?
    None of them, being president of the galaxy is awesome everyday
    Will you leave me alone?
    Hmmmmmm... I don't know
  • 10
    You just found Magrathea.
    YES! now to find out the Question!
    Go away

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