Invader Zim quiz

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  • 1
    In the episode, Walk of doom, what does the sign say on the store Zim is near in Mexico at the end?
    What the heck is your problem?
    I smell feet
  • 2
    In, Backseet drivers from beyond the stars, who are the two extra pilots of the massive?
    The Resisty
    Zim, Dib
    there were none. You're trying to fool me
  • 3
    Who are the Resisty's leader, and the two he listens to the most?
    Bitters, Mr. Elliot, and Keef
    LardNar, Shlonxapluntas, Spleenk
    taco, planet Jackers, Jhonen Vasquez
    The tallests, Zim, Gaz
    Zim, Dib, Gir
  • 4
    Who is Gaz's teacher?
    She has none
    The Resisty
    Mrs Bitters
    Mr. Elliot
  • 5
    Who are the main voices in Invader Zim?
    Zim, Gaz, Dib, Gir
    Brian, Keef, Spoo, Zita
    DLBN, Raven, Sarah, Kelli
    Jhonen Vasquez, Steve Ressel, the two Grams(Michal and Ian)
    Richard Horvitz, Melisa Fahn, Andy Berman, Rikki Simmons
  • 6
    In Gaz, Taster of pork: Who is the demon that 'blessed' Gaz with her powers?
    vampire Hunter
    Shadow Hog
    Blood Pig
    Vampire piggy
  • 7
    Speaking of the last question, what were Gaz's powers?
    Extra awareness
    She can only taste pig
    A thirst for blood
    Pizza senses
    Ability to sneak into places and destroy them, AKA Zim's base
  • 8
    What three things does Dib believe in?
    death, zombies, pig foot
    Ghosts, Aliens, big foot
    he believes in normal human things
    Dogs, super heros, planets
    he's real, killing people, bloody murder
  • 9
    Zim is from the planet Irk. Is he the one who destroyed half of it in operation Impending Doom?
    What are you nuts?
    may be
  • 10
    Who are the two leaders that Zim killed with a giant Blob?
    his parents
    He killed no one
    Spork and Miyuki
    Red and Purple
    his cousins
  • 11
    Is Tallest Purple a male or a female?
    Only female have purple eyes
    Purple has a gender?
    What's a male or female? I AM NORMAL!
    Male, despite the purple eyes
  • 12
    Where was Zim banished to from OID1's antics?
    He was banished?
    Food courtia

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