Are you going to cheat?

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It’s called temptation and we all experience it. It’s only natural to have feelings about someone else when you’re already with someone but be sure if you’re going to mess up to not hurt the person you are with. If you score LOW on this quiz, break up with your special someone. They don’t deserve to have their heart broken and maybe you’re not ready to have a relationship.

  • 1
    There's an extremely attractive person approaching you. He/she asks starts talking to you. Then after a while, he/she asks for your phone number. You're involved in a relationship. You..
    Don't give it, but ask for theirs
    Say no thanks, you already got a phone number (your sweetheart's)
    Give it to them and ask for theirs, it's a free world!
  • 2
    Your sweetheart is out of town and out of no where comes a celebrity of the opposite sex. He/she is breathtaking. What are you thinking?
    Oh my God! =)
    I would die to sleep with him/her
    Hey that's nice, but I got the better package!
  • 3
    You and your sweety get in a fight. They leave and your all by yourself. A friend of the opposite sex phones you (they're single) and asks if you want to hang out. You
    Don't go and hope you and your sweetheart can work things out
    Go, why should you be stuck by yourself
    Hang with your friend and hope things will get interesting
  • 4
    You and your friends are out having fun and suddenly a very attractive guy/girl is flirting with you. They offer you a night of passion. What do you do?
    Whatever you say!
    I got my baby at home so no thanks!
  • 5
    You get offered a million dollars to sleep with the hottest guy/girl in the world. But you already have someone in the picture. You..
    You take the offer right away!
    It's a million dollars....
    Refuse the offer cold turkey! You're not like that.
  • 6
    You're a contestant on Survivor. You're surrounded by good looking people who think your something special. One of them wants to have a night of passion with you. What must you do?
    I can't help but wonder the excitement I'll have.
    Hey if I sleep with them, they won't vote me out!
    I refuse and think about my sweetheart all the time I'm there.
  • 7
    In your work place, your boss (of the opposite sex) thinks you're amazing. He/she offers you a one time proposition if you sleep with them. What happens?
    You refuse and quit the job, I can be better respected and can't hurt my baby.
    Anything to get lucky and get more grub!
    Don't take the offer but wonder if you should have.
  • 8
    You've been away from your sweetheart for a long time. You're sitting at the bar when you're approached by a couple good looking guys/girls. They talk with you and suddenly you realize your honey's phoning you. And you..
    Ask them to phone back and go back with the hotties.
    Disregard it and continue on.
    Excuse yourself and talk with your honey, you miss them so much!
  • 9
    Do you think other people are more attractive than your sweetheart?
    If I had a penny for every time I said yes to that, I'd be rich!
    Heaven sakes no! My babe's the best looking one in the world!
    I'd hope they would be.
  • 10
    Would you ever cheat on your sweetheart?
    I don't know, if the right person came along...
    What a stupid question to ask!
    My wants have rights!

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