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Hey people! Want to evaluate whether you're gay, bisexual, bi-curious, or straight? Well, take this test and see for yourself?

  • 1
    Do girls make you sexually excited?
    Yes, almost as much as guys.
    I love girls, but lately, I've been feeling weird about this guy.
  • 2
    If you were in a boys' locker room, would you...
    Keep your eyes out of range of the other guys' privates.
    Look at the other guys' privates out of curiosity.
    Look at the other guys' privates and wish a girl was there too.
    Look at the other guys' privates out of pleasure.
  • 3
    What would you say if a girl asked you out?
    "Yeah, baby! Where you want to go?"
    "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not exactly interested in your type."
    "Sure... but lately, I've had these awkward gay urges."
    "I would love to go out with you, but I like this other guy too."
  • 4
    When an attractive guy shows up on TV, do you...
    Stare intensely at him and that hot chick behind him
    Don't feel anything.
    Feel awkward that you're looking at this guy and liking it a little.
    Stare intensely
  • 5
    How many guys have you liked, even a little bit, in the past year?
  • 6
    Which music artist do you prefer?
  • 7
    How do girls think of you?
    Straight hunk!
    He's cool, but he acts strange at times.
    I got a chance, but so does that guy....
    He's nice, but I wouldn't....
  • 8
    Why do you attend sporting events?
    I love sports!
    I love sports AND the guys playing the sports!
    I want to see if the guys turn me on.
    I love the guys playing the sports!
  • 9
    What would you do if you see a naked girl?
    Stare at her and imagine her getting "happy" with this hot guy!
    Look and wonder if a guy would get the same results.
    Look away with no interest!
    Stare! Stare! Stare!
  • 10
    When a group of guys approach you, what are you thinking?
    What these guys want?
    Hmm... that guy is kind of good-looking.
    I hope they want to get it on with me.
    They fine... now all I need are some hot girls.
  • 11
    What do you think about boobs?
    No, it's all about the abs of men!
    Are you kidding? I love them!
    Like them a lot, but when a guy takes his shirt off.. I kind of want to look.
    They're good, but men's chests are beautiful too.
  • 12
    If you were paid $100, how long would you kiss a guy?
    6-10 seconds
    0 seconds
    2-4 seconds
    15 seconds or more
  • 13
    Do you consider yourself...
  • 14
    Which are you more likely to do with a guy sexually?
    Sex with a guy? I'll pass.
    Have hardcore sex with a guy.
    Kiss a guy to see what it's like.
    Have a three-way between a guy and a girl.

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Unknown ( 70454 )
Posted 3 days ago
Bro this quiz is wack.. I'm straight.. it saying bi curious.. I took it like 3 times.. and check my answer.. and it clicked random answers. 1/10.
Straight ( 48268 )
Posted 12 days ago
How the heck did I get "you're gay"?
Jeff Pawn ( 66580 )
Posted 15 days ago
I am gay, and my friends thought I wasn’t but I have proof I am!
Drew ( 62103 )
Posted 17 days ago
Can I take last comment off he'll kill me if reads it it's got my name he no I'm going to ucla and four years of high school and he called me fagot I was just mad jealous everybody else family accept it's a sin
Drew ( 62103 )
Posted 17 days ago
I guess I him gay surpassed normal gay boundary gay o meter said super does this work if I lie it always say be honest.but I can't come out gay my whole family would disown me my dad kill me he's one told me take these test been acting like little fagot be honest he said so ihave every one gay.dont take around him.
JD ( 05085 )
Posted 24 days ago
I think this the most unbiased and accurate of all the tests.
Gay 5576 ( 61471 )
Posted 25 days ago
I am gay and love it
Gabriel ( 96106 )
Posted 73 days ago
It says I'm bi but it doesn't say exactly what I'm leaning towards and I want to find out
mike ( 65394 )
Posted 80 days ago
I do love women. But I really wantđź’—with men. Says I'm gay.
john ( 59073 )
Posted 81 days ago
it said what i already knew i am gay and proud
Jalen s ( 52465 )
Posted 127 days ago
Certificate: Test results
You have surpassed the normal gay boundary, you are super-gay! YOU LOVE MEN! You have gone beyond the minimal gay level.

hehehe, duhhhhh
Josh ( 05456 )
Posted 133 days ago
It's says I'm no-curious i 12 peeps. this may actually be accurate.
Josh ( 05456 )
Posted 133 days ago
Bi-curios i mean sorry typo lol.
Trent ( 76942 )
Posted 142 days ago
Hi, i'm 18 and have a hardore sissy fetish and cant help but get excited at the thought of being dressed up around another man, but I also have a girlfriend that I love very much, as of late the sissy fetish turns me on more and i think im gonna experiment with it,should I or nah?
Johann ( 02311 )
Posted 161 days ago
My teen friend lets me kiss his buttocks and I love it. I must be gay. X
Johann ( 26775 )
Posted 161 days ago
My teenage friend lets me kiss his buttocks and I love it! I must be gay. X
Forgot my name Jk ( 06911 )
Posted 173 days ago
I Already Know I'm Gay I Just Wanted To Hear It Again Lol I'm Single And I like Boys But I'm Scared to Come Out Soooooo
Blahwhatever ( 36267 )
Posted 174 days ago
@ kyle just deal a school for now you have of time for dating.
Kyle ( 02484 )
Posted 212 days ago
Hi I'm Kyle, my situation is that i grown in the family thinks I'm not gay. Well, I am gay...SUPER GAY. But, I have never told them. I feel guilty and whenever I am around guys, I feel like i just want to have $ex with them. I have a plan when I get out of college, First I'm going to join Gay Media App and then join a gay club and try to get a boyfriend. But I'm still in Middle School, Oh Well. Give me any advice please, I would love to read them and see if I can use that advice.
Nunya the guy ( 70103 )
Posted 216 days ago
Whoever made this hit the nail on the head: Hey, you're gay! Not to judge, I like gay guys myself. But you love men! Who knows, you may like woman too, but you definitely exhibit your attraction to men much more!
I have loved one woman, but mostly guys. Incredibly Accurate test dude! Kudos to you!