What Vampire Are You?

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Greetings all you vampire fans, have you ever wondered what vampire you are most like, the daring Mikhal, gentle Michael, angelic Lazarus, sexy Lestat, or young Darren? Well now you can in this short quiz!

  • 1
    You see a wolf caught in a metal trap, you...
    Glance at it, and instead go on your way in search of your next victim
    Feel sorry for it, it is, after all, said to be one of your brethren...
    Free the wolf, it could be one of yours...
    Feel both sorry for the creature and anger at humans, and free the wolf.
    Want to help it but are unsure if you'll hurt it in an attempt to free it...
  • 2
    The sun is beginning to rise and you are still a ways from your home, you..
    Move into the shadows and run to the nearest sewer, the sun might not kill you right now, but you don't want any burns.
    Walk home, even though you know it can't kill you, you don't want to repeat the experience you had in the Gobi desert.
    Shift into wolf form while calling storm clouds to your aid and run home.
    Breathe in the morning air and watch the sun rise, it's not like your going to die.
    Go around your grounds making sure everything is fine, sunlight can't harm you.
  • 3
    You need to feed and you see a human male alone on the street, what do you do?
    Run towards the nearest farm in search of cows, you can't trust yourself with humans, especially since that accident.
    Scan his mind, and then take what you need, its not like he's innocent.
    Ignore him and go home, you shouldn't feed off humans, you have your wolfs for that.
    Go home, you rather die than feed off human blood.
    Cast him a friendly smile and use your voice to enthrall him into letting you feed.
  • 4
    Your dearest human friend is dying from a large wound, you..
    Attempt to heal and keep him alive until Gregori arrives.
    Weep bitterly and hold him as his life slips away.
    Turn him into a vampire, your not going to loose another one..
    Carry them to the nearest hospital, you might not be able to help them, but doctors might.
    Try and make his last moments peaceful and ask an angel to guard him, you know it's his time..
  • 5
    A vampire wanders into your territory, you...
    Try and find out who they are before letting them go any further, you can never be too careful...
    See if they have a good reason for being there and if not destroy them.
    Welcome them in, the mountain is for all vampires.
    Send one of the hunters after him and try and protect the women, it disgusts you how they can turn after only a few centuries.
    Ignore them, as long as they don't do anything wrong in this city they are not your business.
  • 6
    You are offered the chance to see heaven you...
    Refuse, you remember the last time and don't want to repeat the experience.
    Think about it before you decide, it is tempting, but you already have heaven with Nikki.
    Think about it for a while, it might do good for your people...
    Don't believe in heaven only in paradise and the vampire gods.
    Accept, you've wanted to see your Uncle Montgomery since he decided to go back.
  • 7
    You are given the option to turn into a human forever, you..
    Accept, you've wanted to be human again for so long.
    Think about it, but decide you don't want to, you and Nikki will be happier not dying.
    Refuse, if you wanted to be human you need only use the Christ's amulet.
    Refuse the offer, you would not be able to protect and govern your people as a human.
    Refuse, you remember what it was like, why give up immortality?
  • 8
    Vampire Hunters are after you and your friends what do you do?
    Send for some of your hunters and tell them to be wary, and make sure all the women are protected.
    Confer with your fellow vampire princes, we have to remove the threat.
    Leave the area and lie low for a while, you'll let Selene and the others handle it for now.
    Go after the fools, you are one of the most powerful beings on this earth, they don't stand a chance.
    Prepare for the worst, and go speak with their leader, there must be a good reason for breaking the treaty.
  • 9
    The village is under attack, you..
    See if vampires are causing it and if not leave it to the circle, human affairs are not your problem unless it involves your friends.
    Go to some other village, if its humans causing it it's their problem.
    Protect your clan and leave the rest to the others, humans are not for you to deal with.
    See if a vampaneze is causing all of this and if so go after them.
    Summon your brother and Byron and try to protect the people.
  • 10
    Someone comes up to you and asks you to turn them, you..
    Erase their memories of ever seeing you and send them away, you won't be responsible for some insane fledgling.
    Erase their memories of the existence of your kind, only life mates are to be converted.
    Discuss this with your clan, you don't normally turn people.
    See if they are worthy and decide to turn them, you have been lonely and they are friendly.
    Tell them they are better off as they are, being vampire only complicates things.

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