Do you know the REAL Phantom of the Opera?

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Do you know the original lyrics and characters of the Phantom of the Opera? Find out-but be warned: do not take this quiz if you have only seen the movie, the questions are on the differences between that and the play.

  • 1
    First and foremost, (this you should know even if you only did see the movie) who wrote the Phantom of the Opera?
    Rogers and Hammerstein--the best of the best!
    Michael Crawford-I LOVE him!
    Andrew Lloyd Webber! Oh. My. God. He was a GENIUS!
  • 2
    The lyrics of Raoul's small part in Christine's 'Think of Me' were changed in the movie. What were they originally?
    Oh, Christine, how much you've changed since then. . .You were a child, and so was I. . .
    Long ago. . .It seems so long ago. . .How young and innocent we were!
    What a change! You're really not a bit the gawkish girl that once you were. . .
  • 3
    After Christine's grand performance, she hears the Phantom congratulate her. He says:
    Bravi, bravi, bravissimi. . .
    Brave, brave, bravissime. . .
    Bravo, bravo, bravissimo. . .
    Brava, brava, bravissima. . .
  • 4
    When Buquet describes the Phantom to the Ballet Girls (in a most alarming and uncomplimentary manner, you must admit), Madame Giry immediately stops him, saying what?
    Joseph Buquet, hold your tongue-he will find you for the Phantom is wise. . .
    Joseph Buquet, hold your tongue-the Phantom of the Opera has spies. . .
    Joseph Buquet, hold your tongue, keep your hand at the level of your eyes!
    Joseph Buquet, hold your tongue- he will burn you with the heat of his eyes. . .
  • 5
    What song begins in the middle of the 'Notes' scene, in which almost every character has a part?
    'All I Ask of You'
    'Prima Donna'
    'Leading Lady of the Stage'
  • 6
    Why does Carlotta begin to croak in the middle of 'Ill Muto'?
    The Phantom turns her into a frog.
    There is no explained reason-it is implied to be the Phantom's power.
    She thinks it's really funny and does it as a joke.
    The Phantom puts something in Carlotta's mouthwash spray.
  • 7
    The famous chandelier plummets to the audience, starting a fire and forcing people out. When does this happen in the play?
    Right after 'All I Ask of You', when the Phantom is upset by Christine and Raoul's love for each other.
    Near the end, just after the Phantom takes Christine down to his lair to force her to marry him.
    Before the performance of 'Don Juan', after Raoul and the Phantom fight in the graveyard.
  • 8
    At the Masquerade Ball, the Phantom appears, and gives the score of 'Don Juan Triumphant' to Firmin and Andre. He then:
    evaporates into thin air, after taking Christine's engagement ring.
    leads Raoul into a room of mirrors, in which he is confused until being rescued by Madame Giry.
    goes on to insult each of the company's members, calling Piangi fat, and Carlotta a bad actress, etc.
  • 9
    In Christine's father's graveyard, after 'Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again', Raoul tries to save Christine from the Phantom, who is:
    shooting fireballs at them with a spear ending in a skull
    casting a spell to kill Raoul
    begging Christine to wed him
    trying to impale Raoul with his skull-handled sword
  • 10
    The original ending of the Phantom of the Opera, in the play is as follows:
    The Phantom wraps his cloak around himself and disappears, Meg crosses to the throne and picks up his mask.
    The Phantom sneaks out through a secret passageway in the wall behind a mirror and is never heard from again.
    Raoul goes to Christine's grave as an old, old man and leaves the music box there, but sees a rose with a black ribbon around it, showing that the Phantom was there.

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