What elemental chicken are you?

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There are four basic elemental chickens. Now is your chance to find out if you are the weakest or the strongest type of elemental chicken! You will be scored on how you handle different types of scenarios

  • 1
    Someone offers you rice crackers. You:
    Eat all of them, without asking them if they want any.
    Smell your feet, shrug, and take a few.
    Ask if they are spicy. If so, you eat them.
    Take one or none.
  • 2
    You’re at school, and you don’t see any of your friends. What do you do?
    Smell other people’s feet.
    Ask the lunch lady to please start serving food from Kentucky.
    Buy food.................and lots of it!
    Look for them.
  • 3
    Someone needs to borrow your calculator. You:
    Lend it to them only if they will let you see their socks.
    Let them have it so they will stop “eating” you.
    Yell, “Mine! Stay away from me, you freak! I have to type with alpha!”
    Let them borrow it. Besides, you don’t need to use it right now.
  • 4
    The phone rings. What will you do?
    Answer it, of course!
    Answer it and yell, “DON’T EAT ME PLEASE!”
    Ignore it, and keep on studying socks.
    Stare at the phone, yell, “I’ll get it!” and stare at the computer screen.
  • 5
    You are very hungry. You had nothing to eat all day, and then you see a chocolate cake on the dining room table, and know that you have guests coming over. You:
    Sniff it to see if it contains any socks.
    Eat it if it’s been deep-fried.
    Leave it alone and get something out of the refrigerator
    Dive in it headfirst.
  • 6
    Oh no! You got a not-so-hot grade on your report card. What will you tell your parents?
    Tell them you were to busy sniffing socks to pay attention in class.
    Tell them you will be more responsible next time.
    Nothing. You’ll have run off to Kentucky by then.
    Eat your report card before they can find it.
  • 7
    You’re listening to music! What kind is it?
    Music in another language so no one else can understand it.
    Heavy metal sock-mania
    Your favorite song.
  • 8
    Your computer won’t start? What will you do?
    You don’t care because you’re too busy trying to get everyone you know to sign your ‘Kentucky’ petition.
    Eat socks.
    Call someone over who is pretty good with computers.
    Fix it yourself because you’re a computer-know-it-all.
  • 9
    Your little brother is crying. You:
    Try to calm him down with a little kid’s T.V. show.
    Try to calm him down with a fried rubber chicken.
    Offer him a sock.
    Throw him anything with a Pokemon logo on it to shut him up.
  • 10
    Your pen is out of ink.
    You start freaking out.
    You get out your sock pen.
    You ask someone for another pen.

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