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How much do you have? Need more? If you dislike the results, chances are they are true. Choose the answer that best fits you, honestly as possible.

  • 1
    We will start with a nice word association. When I say the words 'Fluffy Bunnies' what pops first into your mind of the choices below?
    Rabbit stew! STOOT THEM ALL!
    I had a dog once who ate rabbits.
    Cute. Might be nice to have some as pets.
    Um...I think of fluffy bunnies. What about them?
  • 2
    You see a beautiful man/woman in a social setting (mall, restaurant, theater, sporting event, etc.) whom you would like to get to know better. How do you go about it?
    You make eye contact and smile from across the room, hoping it will draw them to you so you can talk.
    You are a bit shy so you ask a friend to talk to her first or you admire her/him from afar and dream about her/him later.
    Before thinking you approach purposefully and ask for sex outright or use a corner pickup line.
    You gather your wits and go talk to her/him once he/she is alone and hopefully strike up a friendly conversation.
  • 3
    Your computer suddenly freezes up and stops functioning, what do you do?
    Bang on the keyboard until the buttons fall off and smoke rolls out, throw the mouse at the monitor, place band-aid on head where the mouse bounced off and hit me, then throw the whole thing off the parking garage before buying a new one.
    First try to fix it myself, after an hour I call a tech, I don't want to break my computer.
    Immediately call a computer tech, DUH!
    Try to fix it myself. Never admit defeat, when the computer crashes for good after endless hours of trying to fix it, buy a new one.
  • 4
    It's good to collect things as a hobby. Of the choices below, What would your idea of a 'good' collection be made of?
    Guns, knives, hunting trophies, other people's teeth you've knocked out in the past, etc.
    Video games/movies, Music CD's, Nudie magazines, Anything to do with sports, etc.
    Model cars/airplanes, Oriental objects, Photos of friends, special coins and monies, etc.
    Stamps, butterflies, nature photos, rocks, cards, etc.
  • 5
    A big guy pours a beer on your head at a social gathering. He and his friends laugh, you...
    Pour whiskey on his head. Then light it on fire. After you get out of jail, blow his car up.
    Talk bad about him behind his back to others, slash his tires before leaving.
    Call the police.
    Pour your beer on his head, proceed in getting your arch kicked.
  • 6
    You are about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and skydive thousands of miles to the earth below...why?
    Your friends made you do it and they are about to push you out of the hatch....
    You thought you would try something new with some encouragement.
    Some hottie asked you to go and you thought it would be very impressive on your 'list of things I've done'.
    Adrenaline is better than heroin. You do this kind of thing all the time just for the rush.
  • 7
    What do you look for in a life partner?
    Great personality, we really have to click.
    Good personality, but has to be decent looking, as well. I'm pretty picky about my life mate.
    I'll be your life partner for a case of beer and a piece.
    Great body. who cares about personality.
  • 8
    The best place to go to find people you like to hang out with best would be...
    Sporting events, social gatherings, the gym, etc.
    The library, museum, parks, planetarium, etc.
    Shopping centers (grocery or otherwise), arcades, the mall, etc.
    Whorehouses, anywhere with nudie magazines/movies, Raves, Bars, etc.
  • 9
    Out of the groups of words provided, the one that best describes you in one or more words is:
    Considerate, Caring, Friendly, Fun, Natural Leader, Talkative, Thoughtful....
    Quiet, Shy, Nice, Sweet, Romantic, Cute, Adorable, Old Fashioned....
    Bold, Adventurous, Daring, Naughty, Attitude, Trouble, Careless....
    Loud, Brazen, Unstable, Try Anything, Egotistical, Insane, Adrenaline Junkie, F*cking Crazy....
  • 10
    What is your definition of 'Party'?
    More than 70 people, lots of drugs and alcohol, people passed out on the stairs, fights on the lawn, naked people in the halls, how did my car get in that tree? oh well, it's funny! uh oh, the police....
    A social gathering of about 20 or so people drinking alcohol and having fun.
    Loud music, 30 or more people, lots of alcohol, a girl shows her boobs a couple times, people are throwing up on the lawn.
    A few good friends gathered together for drinks and fun.

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