Deus Ex Test

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20 Questions - Developed by: RJ Jacobsen - Developed on: - 7.620 taken

How much do you know about the game Deus Ex? Well find out now!

  • 1
    On the very first mission in New York, who calls you on your info-link before you meet Paul?
    Gary Savage
    Alex Jacobson
    Jaime Reyes
    Sam Carter
    Joseph Manderley
  • 2
    After that person talks to you on your info-link, you meet up with Paul. Who is Paul?
    A fellow agent and your cousin
    Joseph Manderley's son
    Just a fellow agent
    Your commander for the mission
    A fellow agent and your brother
  • 3
    In what city do you officially meet Gary Savage?
    Hong Kong
    Area 51 (Sierra Desert, Nevada)
    New York
  • 4
    Max Chen is the owner of what establishment?
    The Queen's Tower Hotel
    Honk Kong Tee House
    Old China Hand
    The Lucky Money
  • 5
    Who is the person that starts the war between the Triads in Wan Chai, Hong Kong?
    Gordon Quick
    Maggie Chow
    Max Chen
    You (JC Denton)
    Tracer Tong
  • 6
    What are the two triads fighting and what was it over?
    Luminous Path and the Double Dragon, war started over a stolen sword
    Luminous Path and the Red Arrow, war started over the murder of one of the leader's wife
    Luminous Path and the Red Arrow, war started over a stolen sword
    Red Arrow and Double Dragon, was started over a stolen sword
    Red Arrow and the Double Dragon, war started over the murder of one of the leader's wife
  • 7
    Who is the leader of the Luminous Path? The Red Arrow? The Double Dragon?
    Luminous Path: "Gordon Quick" Double Dragon: "Maggie Chow" There is no Red Arrow
    Luminous Path: "Gordon Quick" Red Arrow: "Max Chen" There is no Double Dragon
    None of them exist, its all in your mind! YOUR CRAZY!
    Red Arrow: "Max Chen" Double Dragon: "Gordon Quick" There is no Luminous Path
    Luminous Path: "Tracer Tong" Red Arrow: "Max Chen" Double Dragon: "Maggie Chow"
  • 8
    Who is Gary Savage's daughter?
    Sara Savage
    Maria Savage
    Rena Savage
    Lisa Savage
    Tiffany Savage
  • 9
    Who was she captured by?
    US Military
    Hong Kong Military
  • 10
    Who does Sam Carter work for?
    New York Police
  • 11
    How many NSF "terrorists" are shot and killed by Walton Simons after a brief interrogation?
  • 12
    Who is Walton Simons?
    Chief of Police in New York
    Director of UNATCO
    Director of FEMA
    CIA Agent
    FBI Agent
  • 13
    What does "UNATCO" stand for?
    United National Agency for Technological Control
    United Nations Anti-Taskforce Committee
    United Nations Anti-Terrorism Committee
    United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition
    United Nations Anti-Terrorism Coalition
  • 14
    The so-called "terrorist" group called the NSF is suspected for which of the following illegal acts;
    Theft and illegal transport of the Ambrosia cure
    Bombing of the Statue of Liberty
    The siege of a local city
    The assassination of the US President
    Involvement with the French Terrorist group Silhouette
  • 15
    By the way, who is the US President in this game?
    Philip Mead
    George W. Bush
    Morgan Everett
    Joseph Calisto
    Bill Clinton
  • 16
    Which of these men are the leader of the Illuminati?
    Joseph Manderley
    Morgan Everett
    Howard Strong
    Alex Jacobson
    Gary Savage
  • 17
    Who does JC (You) work for in the beginning of the game?
  • 18
    Who owns VersaLife and is the main bad-guy in the game?
    Juan Lebedev
    Maggie Chow
    Joseph Manderley
    Bob Page
    Walton Simons
  • 19
    Who is the leader of the NSF? Who is in charge of the attack on Liberty Island? Who "betrays" you for the NSF?
    Juan Lebedev, Jaime Reyes, Tracer Tong
    Juan Lebedev, Leo Gold, Paul
    Nicolette DuClare, Bob Page, Paul
    The Leader is Unknown, Leo Gold, Tracer Tong
    Paul, Paul, Paul
  • 20
    Who the hell is Tracer Tong?
    A friend of Paul's who you never meet in person
    An Enemy of Paul's who dies in the end
    Friend of JC (You) who helps you in many cases
    Enemy of JC (You) who later becomes a friend
    A fellow agent in the Organization you work for

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