Rate Your Insanity!

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10 Questions - Developed by: Monica - Developed on: - 9.283 taken

This is a quiz to evaluate your insanity; are you a power hungry maniac or do you just talk to inanimate objects? Let’s find out!

  • 1
    Your little sister asks you to play princess of the dolly kingdom with her (or prince if you’re a guy). What do you do?
    Princess? Where is the king? I will crush him with my bear hands and then I will rule! Hahahahahahahaha!
    Put on your black robes and fly away from her as fast as you can
    Begin to shake hands with each doll in turn and talk to them about how to improve the kingdom
    What? I don’t even have a sister!
  • 2
    You are at the mall and you see a guy/girl that your best friend really, really likes. What do you do?
    What? I don’t even have a best friend, and if I did, she/he wouldn’t like guys/girls
    Lick your lips as you wonder what his blood tastes like
    Attack him because he was named the king of Trivia Pursuit at his birthday party
    Don’t do anything; you’re too busy talking to the stuffed animals at the toy store
  • 3
    Your cousin wins first prize for a pie she worked all day to make. What do you do?
    Wonder if the second place pie that is oozing red stuff belongs to a member of your clan
    I don’t have a cousin, but if I did, he/she wouldn’t bake pies!
    Throw the pie in your cousin’s face; so what if you don’t know how to bake, no one can beat you; no one!
    Caress the pie that got last place; after all, its feelings have been hurt
  • 4
    How are you feeling about this quiz so far?
    I’m taking a quiz? The computer was talking to me a second ago….
    Who are you? I’m not taking a quiz!
    What is your blood type?
    I want to kill you so I can be king/queen of the quizzing world! Hahahahahaha!
  • 5
    Are you bored yet?
    I don’t have boredom!
    I have too many friends to be bored; oh hello Mr. Pencil, have you seen Mrs. Paper anywhere?
    When I’m bored, I go hunt for some blood… I mean buds
    I am the king/queen of boredom, but someday my empire shall expand and take over your world Hahahahahahaha
  • 6
    I am standing behind you
    No you’re not!
    (giggle) No you’re not, ‘cause Mr. Lampshade doesn’t see you
    Hey, I am the only one who can stalk behind someone and scare them; I shall kill you for that!
    Good, I was getting hungry
  • 7
    Billy won the spelling bee
    Maybe he did, but no one can beat Miss Dictionary!
    There was no spelling bee!
    I’ve been to a few spelling bees in my time; lots of people with lots of blood…
    No he didn’t; I did! And I shall torture anyone who says otherwise!
  • 8
    I need you
    Go away!
    No thanks, I’m not into turning people
    Of course you need me; I’m the king/queen of the world and you can’t live without me ruling your pathetic lives
    No, you need a hug! Come hear and get a hug from Mr. Bear!
  • 9
    Does love exist?
    Yes, ‘cause I LLLOOOOVVVEEEE all my friends like Mr. and Mrs. Speaker, and…
    Well, I love blood, does that count?
    No because then I couldn’t tell people who to marry and rule their lives! Hahahahaha!
    No, there’s no such thing as love! Go away!
  • 10
    Last question; how do you feel?
    Yea! Now I can go and talk to the dishes as I scrub them clean! (walks away humming)
    Aaaahhhhhhhhhh! (runs away screaming)
    Well, I haven’t taken over the world yet, so I feel a little bummed out for now, but soon I shall rule all! (laughs maniacally as the people from the sanitarium carry him/her away)

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