Are You A True Friend?

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Find out have you been being a good friend!

  • 1
    Your friend invited someone else to her birthday and not you, when you've been hanging around with them all day, all month! You:
    Explain to your friend how you feel
    Beat them up
    Shoot Them
    Be a jerk until you get them beat up by bullies.
  • 2
    If someone wanted you to jump over a cliff, preferably your friend ... they said they would, and they did. Would You.
    Keep them notified and tell them that no one cares about them. JUMP
    Basically, Go Home
    In the Knick of time explain to your friends the consequences.
    Let them do whatever they want. They'll Regret it
    Who cares! DIE MY DEAR FRIEND
  • 3
    Your friend's hair has turned a bit green, due to chlorine. You say:
    You are so nice. Dying your hair cause I did. Loser
    You can break me, shake me, take me, put that head of hair is UGLY
    You are ugly.
    Oh, your hair is a bit green. But it looks cool. I'm thinking about dying my hair!
  • 4
    You are trying to ruin your friend's life because they told one of your deepest secrets. Then they apologize and start crying, you:
    Give them Your FIST, FUST AND FURY
    Say sorry and tell them never to do it again.
    Make sure that they GET BEATEN SELFLESSLY
  • 5
    Your friend barely passes her/his math test. You got the highest mark in the class. You:
    Tell them it's okay and they SUCK
    Laugh. (HAHAHA)
    Tell them that it's okay. As long as you tried.
  • 6
    HAHA! YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE LAUGHING TALKING about your best friend, while she's/he's out of town. You stop and say:
    Hey Guys, Stop! Talk about someone else.
    Be nice. LAUGH
  • 7
    Your best friend is getting low marks. So they want you to sneak answers to this years CRT. (Canadian _____ Test) Anyway, would you do it.
    Tell them you would if they were there.
    Say no. Fart in their face
  • 8
    Your best friend asked you to come to your birthday. Your boyfriend/girlfriend asked you to a party with total strangers on the same day, same time. Which Party?
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend's because they are your lover
    Your friend's party. They are more important.
  • 9
    YOU ARE: Funny, Talented and Nice
    YOUR FRIEND IS: Stupid, Un-talented and Friendly.
    You get everything, awards, attention. Your friend is getting jealous. Should you confront them?
    Give a lecture about how special you are.
    Ask them why they are so jealous.
    No. Let them Be.
  • 10
    Okay. After this test you are going to:
    Go to a Friends House.
    Continue What You Were Doing