*The Five Elements*

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10 Questions - Developed by: Indigo Ghost - Developed on: - 22.038 taken

Are you mysterious and dark like Night? Wild and passionate like Fire? Stubborn and smart like Earth? Kind and free like Water? Or zealous and virtuous like Light?

  • 1
    Q 1: Which color(s) of the following do you feel most connected to, even if it isn’t your favorite?
    Orange and yellow
    Black, gray, or silver
    White, and most pastels
    All shades of brown
    Blue, especially light shades
  • 2
    Q 2: Which animal, of the following, is your favorite?
    Lizards & snakes (reptiles)
    Babies, especially kittens!
  • 3
    What color hair do you think would suit you?
    Dark, rich brown
    A dark color with white- not gray, white- streaks in it.
    Blond, or very, very light brown
  • 4
    You would most likely be seen wearing:
    Something cute, but I like to keep my skin covered
    A belly-shirt and a short skirt, or those 'short' shorts
    I like to buy in-style clothes and add my own touches- like cutting off the sleeves, or splashing paint on it.
    Jeans, T-shirt, whatever. I usually don't put that much thought into my clothing.
    Black. A trenchcoat and hat would always be welcome, too.
  • 5
    Which would be the most horrible death for you?
    Having someone take revenge on me for something I didn't do
    Burned to death
    Squashed by millions of people- or anything
    Have someone tell you everything you did was pointless, then you starve
  • 6
    What time of day is the best for you?
    The middle of the day, when you can be with people and laugh
    Anytime you can hang with your pals
    Night time, where you can be alone and think, or wander, or ponder life and people
    Anytime! Now is a great time to be!
    Dawn and dusk
  • 7
    For accessories, you like:
    I have one necklace that I always wear; that is all
    Silver, magical stuff, especially moons and stars
    Maybe a friendship bracelet from your friend...
    The wildest, eye-catching stuff
    Cute bracelets, pretty necklaces, and maybe something for your hair
  • 8
    You would most likely read:
    Something about life, and dealing
    I love reading! I don't care what it is, or who wrote it, give me now!
    Poetry, or a book written in a cool dialect, like first person, with a completely weird style
    Fantasy, or science fiction/adventure
    Some fantastic romance, or a book with greatly-written fights
  • 9
    Your friends say you’re:
    Wise, though I don't like being wrong
    Shy, observant and smart
    A genius and a great friend
    The most caring and thoughtful friend ever
    Wild, and crazy
  • 10
    Which wild eye color would you want?
    Red, because it would make people stare
    Bright, bright green!
    A vibrant blue, like some lucky people actually have
    Dark purple, dark blue, or dark gray
    Pale blue or green

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