Are You Scared Easily?

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Do you freak out when you hear a bump in the night? What about after you watch the scary movie of the year? Do you sleep if the lights aren't on?
Take this test to find out if you are a wimp or a champ of horror.

  • 1
    You hear weird noises outside at night. You:
    Slowly get up and go outside to look around.
    Open the window and yell, "Shut up you hooligans!"
    Call the police and get out your shotgun.
  • 2
    You watch a very scary movie. You:
    Say, "That movie was soooo fake. The blood looked like ketchup!"
    Say, "AHHHHHH! It's going to get meeeee!." And you don't sleep for a week.
    Say, "Ummmm... It can't be real because there were credits... right?"
  • 3
    You are camping and they just told ghost stories you:
    Ask to go home and run to the car screaming.
    Ask if you could keep the flashlight in YOUR tent.
    Start complaining because they weren't scary.
  • 4
    Someone comes up behind you with a mask and yells BOO! You:
    Tell them you need to change your clothes.
    Tell them to please stop as you regain your breath.
    Tell them you will punch them.
  • 5
    You are alone in a building when the lights go off. You:
    Find the power box and do what you were doing before.
    Breathing heavily you slowly walk to the exit.
    Run out screaming.
  • 6
    Ten vicious dogs run up barking. You:
    Yell at them and make them run away with their tails in between their legs.
    Scream and hope they don't bite- much.
    Throw a treat in the opposite direction and run.
  • 7
    Someone throws a one hundred thousand dollar bill down a thirty feet well. You:
    Rent a safety patrol to stand by with lights and stuff as you go down.
    Walk away crying over the lost money because you were afraid.
    Tie a rope to a tree, go down the well, and get the money.
  • 8
    Ten of the most delicious cakes are on a table. One is poisoned. You:
    Eat one to be safe.
    Eat nine and risk it.
    Eat none.
  • 9
    People will give you millions of dollars if you jump off a tall building. You:
    Walk away from the challenge.
    Do it but if you don't make it the money will go to your family.
    Do it. Who cares! Money! Money! Money!
  • 10
    You see a diamond in a store window but is told it is haunted. You:
    Buy something else and not worry about it.
    Buy it not believing the Mumbo Jumbo.
    Don't buy it and call in the Ghost Busters.

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