Are you sexy? (for women)

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Well, are you?

  • 1
    How self-confident are you?
    Very. I'm hot and I know it!
    Depends... if someone else tells me I look good, I feel a lot better.
    Let's be honest here, I'm no Miss America.
    Pretty decent. I generally like how I look.
  • 2
    What kind of clothes do you wear?
    Whatever's clean
    Basic jeans and tee.
    I look for certain colors and shapes that I know are flattering.
    Anything to cover my gross body.
    Very little!
  • 3
    Do men like you?
    Yeah, I get my fair share of dates.
    Only gross losers I'd never date.
    If honks, whistles, and bad pick up lines means they like me, yes.
    No, it doesn't really seem like it.
  • 4
    How do you walk?
    I may sway my hips a bit...
    Like a man (be honest!)
    Um, one foot in front of the other...
  • 5
    What's your bmi?
    ( Weight in Pounds / ( Height in inches ) x ( Height in inches ) ) x 703
    Over 30
    Below 18
  • 6
    How do you feel about your weight?
    I think it's fine.
    I wouldn't mind getting in a bit better shape.
    I know it's not exactly healthy...
    I'd love to drop 3 lbs.
  • 7
    What's your coloring like?
    Typical, brown hair brown eyes.
    Dark hair, medium or light skin and light eyes
    Dark hair and skin with light eyes
    Fair.. red or blonde hair
  • 8
    How's your complexion?
    Very clear skin with even coloring
    It looks fine because I use zit meds (or did as a teen)
    Um, so-so I guess. Not as good as most of my friends'.
    Awful, I'm such a pizza face!
    I get the occasional zit, but my complexion's otherwise great
  • 9
    Who cuts your hair?
    A skilled stylist at a nice salon.
    Um, whoever is working at Cost Cutters that day.
    I go to a salon for major changes, but get trims wherever.
  • 10
    How did you choose your current haircut?
    I saw a picture of someone with this cut and thought it was cute.
    I saw a picture of someone with my face shape who had this cut, and it looked flattering.
    Um, I just sort of thought of what I wanted.
    It's easy to style this way.
  • 11
    What's your hair routine?
    Styled nicely when I have time, pulled back when I don't.
    Perfectly blow dried and styled every day.
    Ponytails. Lots of ponytails...
    It's styled the same way everyday.
  • 12
    How do you keep your nails?
    I have big fake nails.
    I bite at them and/or I don't do anything about my cuticles.
    Short and clean.
    Filed and occasionally painted.
    Choose this if you don't clean under them regularly.
  • 13
    Your best friend says she's treating you to a pedicure. What's your reaction?
    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Um, okay...
    Oh, god, how can I get out of this?
    Ah, a few bucks saved. Nice.
  • 14
    Ever read fashion magazines?
    I read a few favorites.
    Maybe if I'm bored.
    Oh, yeah, most of them.
  • 15
    Some hottie at the other side of the room is giving you a flirty glare. You:
    Smile nervously.
    Silently freak out and hope he comes over to you to say hi.
    Turn around to see if there's a pretty girl behind you or something.
    Wink, then turn back to your friends.
    Saunter over to him and sexily whisper "Hey, cowboy" in his ear.
  • 16
    Girl's night out clubbing. What kind of shoes are you wearing?
    Sneakers or sandals
    Sexy stilettos or high heeled boots
    Trendy new wedges or flats
    Boots... not the heeled kind
  • 17
    What kind of underwear do you usually wear?
    Bikini panties
    Briefs. In white.
    Thongs, I hate VPL!
    Boy shorts, cute and fun.
  • 18
    Most days, your bra is a:
    A push up
    A lacy demi-cup
    Sport bra. They're more comfortable.
    T-shirt bra
  • 19
    Which is closest to your daily make up routine?
    Full foundation, blush, eyeliner, bronser, shadow, lipstick...
    The basics: concealer, powder, mascara, lip gloss.
    The basics plus eyeliner and shadow.
  • 20
    How about makeup for a nice evening out?
    The full routine... foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, etc.
    Powder, lip gloss, mascara
    Still nada.
  • 21
    Which of the following hair techniques are you capable of doing (skillfully) on yourself?
    Curling iron, hot rollers, French braid, a simple updo, blow drying to straighten, blow drying to add volume, using a straightener, using a crimper, dying all-over color, dying just roots, doing highlights, trimming bangs
    All of those listed.
    I can only do about five or less of those listed.
    About half of those listed.
    All of those except three or four of them.
    All of those listed except for one or two of them.
  • 22
    An outfit should show off...
    Nothing... I'm beyond modest.
    Nothing... I'm hideous.
    Your whole body.
    One thing: boobs or legs or stomach, but not all of them.
  • 23
    You have to admit, your ex's new girlfriend is:
    Very different from you in many ways.
    Not as cute as you figured she would be.
    A bit cuter than you.
    More into him than you were.
    Very friendly.
  • 24
    How far on a first date?
    Whatever he wants... I can't risk running him off!
    Depends on what I thought of him.
    I haven't had a date in years...
    All the way, baby. In fact you can even (whispers shocking and uncommon sex trick into date's ear)
    A kiss would be fine.
  • 25
    Okay, it was a great first date. When do you get to the sex part?
    Date three, as per Cosmo rules.
    I don't know, he didn't seem very attracted to me...
    When we both feel comfortable.
    Ahem, after marriage, of course.
    We already did it on the first date, remember?
  • 26
    Lights on or off?
    On... I look hot naked!
    Off! Off!
    It doesn't really matter.
  • 27
    Your favorite position is:
    Me on top
    Whatever hides my belly rolls
    Whatever I flip to in the Kama Sutra tonight!
    Doggy style
  • 28
    You're being set up on a blind date. What did your friends tell the guy about you?
    You are desperate for a man.
    You have a great personality.
    You have a great ass.
    You have a great smile.
  • 29
    You've read more than your fair share of:
    Romance novels
    Porn stories
    Fan fiction
  • 30
    Okay, worst case scenario: you have to be a hooker to survive, feed your child, whatever. You have lots of regular customers. Why?
    You're beautiful.
    You have all your teeth.
    You know lots of good tricks.
    You're cheap.
    You're sweet and friendly.
  • 31
    Tell me about your boobs.
    They're medium sized, and in perfect porportion to my waist, giving me that hourglass look.
    They are disproportionately large or small.
    They're large, but still perky.
    They're saggy.
  • 32
    Will you age well?
    Not if you judge by my mom...
    I hope so!
    Yes, my mom looks great!
  • 33
    Is your face symmetrical?
    No, not at all.
    Yes, amazingly so.
    Pretty much, I guess.
  • 34
    You look best in:
    I'm not sure
    A baggy sweater
    Tight slacks or jeans and a flattering blouse
    A curve hugging dress
  • 35
    You've been awarded one free plastic surgery. What do you go for?
    A boob job--reduction or implants
    Butt implants
    Lipo, baby.
    I'd have something lifted.
    A nose job, or other face altering thing
  • 36
    When you were a child, you:
    Were a bit off looking
    Were already pretty overweight
    Had pretty eyes
    Had the cutest smile
    Had beautiful hair
  • 37
    If you were a lesbian, would you be attracted to yourself?
    Probably. I am pretty cute.
    Maybe, it's hard to guess.
    Ew, are you kidding?
    No, but only because I'm not my type, physically.
    Oh, yeah! If only I had a twin...
  • 38
    Your weight:
    Is consistently at my ideal weight
    Is like a yo-yo...
    Is consistently much higher than I'd prefer (as in 20lbs or more)
    Is consistently a bit lower than I'd prefer
    Is consistently a couple of pounds higher than I'd prefer
  • 39
    Your high school sweetheart was:
    The valedictorian type
    The shy artistic type
    The so-talented-in everything-it's-sickening type
    The doesn't-quite-shower-that-often type
    The captain of the football team type

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