French for Dummies

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A reference for the rest of us... you think you know your French? Take this quiz and find out.

  • 1
    Which of the following is the closest term to "what's up?"
    au revoir
    omelette du fromage
  • 2
    What does this mean? Qu'est-ce que tu fais ce soir?
    Why are you doing that?
    What are you doing tonight?
    omelette du fromage
    Where are you going tonight?
  • 3
    What does this mean? "C'est le mien, mais tu peux l'avoir."
    It's mine, but you can borrow it.
    That's my cheese omelet.
    It's mine, but you can have it.
    It's mine, so you can't have it.
  • 4
    Translate this- "Je voudrais un coca, s'il vous plaît."
    He said he would like a coffee, please.
    Give me a cheese omelet.
    I would like a Coke, please.
    I would like a coffee, please.
  • 5
    What do you call a verb with "se" before it in the infinitive?
    super verb
    cheesy verb
    advanced verb
    pronominal verb
  • 6
    What's the most correct way to say, "What time is it?"
    Comment va ton omelette du fromage?
    Quel fois avez-vous?
    Quel est le temps?
    Qu'est-ce que le temps est?
  • 7
    What tense requires such words as allé, fini, and perdu?
    past tense
    future tense
    imperfect tense
    cheesy tense
  • 8
    When you translate the French equivalent for "I should" into English, what does it come out as?
    I would eat your cheese omelette
    I would want to
    I would have to
    I would be able to
  • 9
    Which of the following SOMETIMES means "of them"?
  • 10
    How do you say, "There are three cats"?
    Elle y'en a 3 chats.
    Les chats aiment les omelettes du fromage.
    Il y a 3 chats.
    J'ai 3 chats.
  • 11
    Which of the following verbs don't agree with their subject?
    Ne vous mangez pas mon omelette du fromage.
    Elle penses.
    Vous avez.
    Nous mangeons.
  • 12
    If you translated the French equivalent of "I want him to be at the party", what would it come out as?
    I want that he be at the party.
    I want for him to be at the party.
    I want to eat my cheese omelet.
    I want him to come to the party.
  • 13
    What mood would this be in?
    conditional mood
    subjunctive mood
    cheesy mood
    indicative mood
    happy mood:)
  • 14
    How would you say, "I want to go to the party?"
    Je veux aller à la fête.
    Donnez-moi mon omelette du fromage.
    Je veut aller à la fête.
    Je peux aller à la fête.
  • 15
    Final question! How do you say "cheese omelet" in French?
    what have I been screaming my head off for nothing it's omelette du fromage!
    donde esta cheese omelette
    omelette du fromage
    omelette au fromage

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