Does he really like you?

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Can't figure out whether or not he hates you, your just friends, or he loves you, take this quiz to find out.

  • 1
    If you were to drop your lunch all over the floor would he:
    help you pick it up, insist on buying a new one and challenge anyone who laughs to a fight
    help you pick it up and walk you to your seat
    laugh at you and walk away with his friends
    help you pick it up and offer to buy a new one
  • 2
    How many times have you gone out alone somewhere together?
    Quite often actually, and sometimes he even offers to pay
    Not often, but when we do he insists on paying
    Once or twice, but it was only because no one else could make it
    He laughs at the thought of it
  • 3
    When you guys talk, what's the conversation usually about?
    Long term relationships
    Somewhat personal stuff, things you wouldn't talk to most people about
    Stuff that's going on at school
    How funny you look in that outfit
  • 4
    How would you describe your relationship?
    We spend a lot of time together
    He strives to make my life hell
    Known him since I could crawl
    He watches me like a hawk
  • 5
    For your last birthday, he gave something like:
    an engagement ring
    hand lotion or a new CD
    a hit list with your name on the top
    a teddy bear, chocolates, and a romantic letter
  • 6
    When it's been a while since he's seen you he's most likely to say:
    "Damn I thought you were dead"
    "I missed you" ( hey didn't you see him sitting outside your house on a bike everyday for the past 3 weeks!)
    "I missed you"
    "Hey what's up" (like it's the 3rd time you've seen him today)
  • 7
    I you happen to stare at him in class what would he do?
    Smile sweetly and go on bout his business, while making many quick glances at you
    Make a funny face and go on bout his business
    Flick you off and go on bout his business
    Stare at you for the rest of the class period
  • 8
    When you talk about dating with him he is most likely to:
    list the names of all his sluts, I mean girlfriends and tell everyone at school that you were stalking him
    talk about how he's looking for the right girl
    list the names of all his sluts, I mean girlfriends
    talk about how he's looking for the right girl, and tell you that your it
  • 9
    When you're alone in a room with him, how does he act?
    Kind of shy, but he does start a sweet conversation
    Like he does when he's in a crowded room
    He scoots closer to you, starts crying and says how happy he is to be in your presence
    Like he's dying
  • 10
    When you're around him, he makes you feel:
    Kind of nervous