Have you ever thought you were in love but then realized you weren't when it was over?

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Take this test to find out if you were truly in love or if it was all just the same old crap!

  • 1
    A guy once said that...
    I love you from the bottom of my heart and nobody could ever change that.
    I love you but only sometimes.
    I love you but sometimes I feel like I'm not loving you the right way.
  • 2
    A guy once said...
    I wish we could have some more alone time together, I'm sick of spending so much time with everyone else around us.
    I'm glad that everybody else gets to spend time with you because I don't.
    I love how we can spend time together and also spend time with our friends and no matter what we're doing or where we're at we have the time of our lives.
  • 3
    Has a guy ever said...
    Its not that I don't trust you, I don't trust the guys.
    I don't trust you and I don't want you out with anyone except me.
    I love how I can trust you with anybody, I love how you can go out and hang out with other guys and I don't have to worry one bit because I trust you.
  • 4
    Does a guy ever say...when you two are out on a date or with some friends or something...
    Nice, I wish you showed me that much in bed. But you'd rather everyone else see everything.
    God...aren't you going to clean up before we go out.
    You look so good, even though you are sweaty and dirty you still look beautiful.
  • 5
    Has your guy ever told you this...
    Let's go eat and then go to bed
    You are my shining star and I love you
    I love you babe
  • 6
    Once you are done making love your guy...
    falls asleep
    says wow I love you
    cuddles with you and holds you, and then you two sit up and talk about everything
  • 7
    Instead of hanging out with your guy tonight you want to hang out with some of the girls and your guy says...
    Sure that's cool I'll just some up some of the guys and we'll do something.
    Why can't you hang out with me?
    You obviously don't love me enough because you want to ditch me for your friends.
  • 8
    When your guy is feeling really upset he...
    tells you a lie or that is doesn't matter
    pushes you away
    sits down and tells you everything
  • 9
    You've had a really hard day at work, school, or whatever and you just need that someone to listen but your guy is supposed to go out with his friends tonight does he...
    stays with you to listen to everything you have to say and then makes sure that you are all right and then says well sweetheart I'm going go out with the guys, you are more than welcome to come.
    Well I have to go right now but tell me when I get home.
    Is that all you ever do is complain, I have plans right now
  • 10
    When your guy tells you he loves you he...(even though he is in a hurry to do something else)
    is thinking about when he's going to be able to leave and then says it
    is running out the door on his way to hang out with his friends
    looks deeply into your eyes and says every word like he means it

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