Which "Random Magic" character are you?

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The world of “Random Magic” is crammed full of eccentric characters. Which one’s your alter ego?

  • 1
    You’re most likely to be spotted around town wearing:

    a dark satin riding dress and a nine-headed whip made of snakes.
    an immaculately tailored, dark green velvet gown.
    a patchwork tunic and a pair of dusty old leather boots. They don't quite match.
    a sleek black evening coat.
    a diaphanous golden toga, embroidered with silver swans.
  • 2
    Strangers most often describe me as:

    I don’t like people.
    drop-dead sexy. And they’d be right.
    a wise-ass
  • 3
    What you’d be most likely to find in my garden, if I had one:

    a pile of books.
    a skeleton.
    nightshade, belladonna and night-blooming orchids.
    butterfly trees and singing trumpet flowers.
    a tree house with windows made of multicolored glass.
  • 4
    Real magic is:

    invariably found where you least expect to find it.
  • 5
    The most valuable treasure is:

  • 6
    My particular brand of magic is:

    mesmerizing my prey.
    grey magic
    white magic
    black magic
  • 7
    My hobbies are:

    lying on a divan, pondering deeply. Does that count as two hobbies?
    winning at blackjack and haunting the crossroads.
    trying out new magic spells, getting myself out of trouble.
    reading, gathering intelligence, annoying the other immortals.
    trying on haute couture, eating my dinner guests.
  • 8
    My lucky number is:

    I make my own luck.
  • 9
    When it comes to love:

    To know me is to love me.
    Euw. Who needs it?
    Get lost, before I turn you into something foul.
    Love is an art, and I’m a true artist.
    Is divine, dark and eternal.
  • 10
    My credo is:

    Nemo me impune lacessit/(No one attacks me with impunity)or Odi profanum vulgus et arceo/(I hate the profane masses, and avoid them)
    Ulula cum lupis, cum quibus esse cupis/(Who keeps company with wolves, will learn to howl) or Homo homini lupus est/(Man is a wolf to man)
    Mens agitat molem/(The mind moves the mountain)
    Ars longa, vita brevis/(Art is long, life is short) or Vinum et musica leatificant cor/(Wine and music delight the heart)
    Ad astra per aspera/(To the stars through difficulties) or Acta non verba/(Action, not words)

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