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Do you know how you act, think, and move? Why don't I test you!
*This quiz is to see how you act, think, and move around other people. It is accurate and fun. If your chicken, don't take it! If you think it is cool, rate it and tell me what you think!

  • 1
    You and your friend are walking in the hall and someone says a mean comment about your friends outfit? You....
    say something mean because you've got your friends back.
    don't say anything because you don't want to get picked on.
    don't care; it is not like they are talking about you.
  • 2
    You and your friend are at the store buying some food items and the entire rack falls on the floor. You...
    walk away and act like it never happened.
    pick it up since it is your mess.
    don't pick it up because your friend will think of you as a goody two shoes.
  • 3
    You met a new group of friends at school that are popular/hype and they want you to come sit with
    them at lunch. You do, but your other friend that you have known since forever will be sitting all alone. You...
    don't care. Your friend can manage him/herself for a day or two................or more.
    invite your friend over to come sit with you so he/she will not be lonely.
    tell your friend that you will be sitting with the new group for just one day.
  • 4
    Your mom wants to take you shopping at GOODWILL for some new clothes, but you want to go with your friends to the mall to buy these totally new hip pants. You...
    tell your mom that you are going shopping with your friends and that you will meet her there.
    explain to your mom that wearing those type of clothes can ruin your reputation at school.
    lie to your mom so you can go shopping with your friends.
  • 5
    You celebrate Halloween but your friend doesn't. On Halloween night, he/she calls you and asks if you can come over, but you want to go trickery treating. You...
    say that you will call him/her back but you never do. Instead, you go and have yourself a ball.
    go over to her house and trickery treat for 10-15 min. on the way there.
    talk to her for about 30-40min. and then go trickery treating.
  • 6
    There are rumors around your social group that your friend talks about you behind your back. On the next day of school, you...
    confront him/her to see if the rumors are true.
    punch him/her in the face; he/she deserves it.
    act like you heard nothing so you can have him/her as a partner to work with in your science class. If you are mad at him/her, then he/she won't want to work with you in class.
  • 7
    Your friend comes to school smelling like junk. You know he/she stinks but you don't want to hurt him/her feelings. You..
    tell him/her that he/she stinks.
    pull him/her aside and tell him/her that he/she doesn't smell nice and you offer up some perfume/cologne to try to hide the strong odor.
    tell him/her that he/she stinks and to keep up your reputation, you try to avoid him/her throughout the entire day of school.
  • 8
    Your friend is feeling left out of your social group. You...
    tell your friend that everyone is going to talk to other people and not just him/her.
    don't care. If he/she is feeling left out, he/she is just going to have to talk a little bit more.
    call up a group meeting and discuss the issue.
  • 9
    Your friend wants to join the talent show but you know that he/she can't sing. Before he/she signs up, you...
    tell him/her that in your opinion, he/she can't sing, but if he/she wants to sign up, you are rooting for him/her.
    tell him/her that he/she stinks at singing, but if he/she wants to embarrass him/herself, then go ahead.
    tell him/her that he/she can't sing and that if him/her performance is bad, it will ruin his/her reputation. It is always about the reputation!
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