What's your personality type?

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Are you having problems with what kind of personality you have? Do you want to understand yourself better? If so, take the Personality Quiz to find out what you're really like!

  • 1
    If you saw someone in the street getting picked on by an individual or a gang, what would you do?
    Let that person deal with it themselves and then check if they're OK when the bullies have left.
    Just watch them as if it was entertainment then mind your own business when the bullies had gone.
    Confront the bullies!
    Walk on by avoiding all trouble!
    Go and tell someone else who will confront them for you.
  • 2
    If you were waiting in line at a shop to buy something, and someone pushed in on purpose, what would you do?
    Feel annoyed inside but do nothing and let them get away with it.
    Forcefully push them out of the way and budge your way back.
    Go and get someone else to ask them to move (eg. Shop assistant or friend).
    Confront them and ask them to move, and carrying on for ages even if they say no.
    Tell them calmly that you were there first and ask them to move, but leave it if they don't.
  • 3
    If you were in the bakery and the last loaf of bread had just been chosen by someone else in front of you, would you....
    Wait until they're not looking and steal it from their trolley and quickly get to the till.
    Just walk on, after all they got it first and anyway, you could always go to another shop.
    Ask them to give it to you because you're starving, and if they don't, follow them around the shop until they give in.
    Try to be daring and ask for the bread, but lie to say you need it urgently.
    Go and ask the shop assistant if they have any more in stock but leave it if they don't.
  • 4
    Someone gave you an evil look, what do you do?
    Approach them confidently and start an argument about why they were looking at you.
    Give them a genuine evil look back, but explain you were only joking afterwards when you realize they are annoyed.
    Look away and mind your own business.
    Give a little weak smile back.
    Give them a really evil look back.
  • 5
    You fall over in the street, so you...
    Laugh about it, and point out how you fell over but make it into a joke.
    Act very hurt and start weeping.
    Give a sweet smile to everyone around you pretending you don't care but really trying to get away.
    Get up and run away into the crowd quickly.
    Accuse someone of tripping you or imply that they did.
  • 6
    Someone stole your seat just as you were about to put your things down, what do you do?
    Tell them its your seat and that they must be stupid not to realize that you were about to sit there.
    Make up a story about why you should sit there but leave it if they respond.
    Apologize and move one somewhere else.
    Push them off!
    Say 'Oh, I'm sorry I was about to sit there' but then pretend that your friend is calling you somewhere else.
  • 7
    Someone keeps copying what you do, do you?
    Embarrass them by pointing out how they keep on copying you.
    Tell them to stop being boring and try their own ideas.
    Go up to them and ask them nicely to stop copying you.
    Get annoyed with them, but only tell your friends.
    Leave it, and try your hardest to take it as a compliment.
  • 8
    Someone nicks on of your chips, what do you do?
    Tip over the chips and pretend they did it so they buy you some more.
    Tell them you'll take one of theirs next time, with no intention to actually do so.
    Tell them to stop being so piggy and get their own.
    Leave them to it and smile sweetly.
    Give them a jokey smile, but feel annoyed at heart.
  • 9
    One of your mates stands on your new shows and ruins them, what do you?
    Do it back to them.
    Get really upset but don't confront them.
    Tell them that they have o pay for them, b ut drop the subject again.
    Say 'Hey, look what you did' but then drop it.
    Argue, argue, argue and argue until they growl and replace them or give you the money.
  • 10
    You make some cakes and your family and friends eat them all leaving you nothing. What do you do?
    Start an argument and make them make some more cakes ALL FOR YOU!
    Try to feel happy that they probably enjoyed them.
    Leave it.
    Get annoyed but don't argue.
    Make more that taste disgusting and wait for them to eat those ones.