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10 Questions - Developed by: Amy - Developed on: - 6.117 taken

Simply answer all of these questions to the answer that best describes you to find out your personality type!

  • 1
    You are stuck in a small room and the only way to get out is to go through one of 5 doors, what colour door do you go through?
  • 2
    You are invited to a huge party but no-one you know is going. What do you do?
    Go, have fun, make friends, but leave when you start to feel uncomfortable.
    GO! Make tons of friends and dance the night away!
    Go, but enjoy the party in small far away corner.
    Don't go, just stay at home doing nothing.
    Go, but say nothing, do nothing, don't dance, don't eat or drink, just sit.
  • 3
    You have just been given more change fro, m a shop assistant than you should have been given, what do you do?
    Nick it! Run away and spend spend spend!
    Give it back right away! After all, the police may come and get you!
    Take it, but give it to someone else or use it for the benefit of others.
    Take it, after all it was their fault that they gave it to you, but feel a little guilty.
    Give half of it back and keep the rest for yourself. After all, that's half good isn't it?
  • 4
    A mate has called you up and invited you to go swimming. You really hate swimming and don't want to go, what do you do?
    Pretend that you're really busy and can't make it.
    Say that you don't like swimming, but thank her for inviting you anyway.
    Pretend to ruffle the phone like the line is cutting up, but don't ring her back and ignore the phone if you see her number appear.
    Go, even though you hate it.
    Tell her you don't like swimming and hang up.
  • 5
    Someone has bought you some clothes that don't fint, and have said that if they aren't right in anyway you can take them back. You feel bad that they don't fit, so what do you do?
    Keep them, but never wear them ever again.
    Wear them even though they are far too tight.
    Take them back after they have left.
    Tell them to their face that they don't fit, take them back anyway, and swap for something else or for the money.
    Give them to somebody else as a present.
  • 6
    Someone has cooked the worst meal that you have ever tasted, do you?
    Apologize to them, but say that you don't like it.
    Eat it all, scared they will be offended.
    Tell them that you hate it, and chuck it away.
    Pretend you feel sick so you don't have to eat it.
    Poke at it and wait for them to say you can leave anything you want to leave.
  • 7
    Which type of music do you like?
    Anything, but not too much of it.
    I don't like music because I hate singing along or dancing.
    Funky, fun, up to date music that's in the charts. Being loud is very important.
    Anything loud that you can dance to all the time. Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, R and B. ANYTHING!
    Pop is usually quite cool.
  • 8
    You are stuck on top of a hill, what do you do?
    Jump all the way down!
    Wait until someone comes to rescue you so that you don't get anything dirty.
    Roll all the way down!
    Very slowly edge your way down, being really careful.
    Do a little slide all the way down!
  • 9
    You want to go out to a really posh event but don't know which shoes to wear (comfy or stylish), do you...
    Wear the comfy shoes that don't go with your outfit, but enjoy the evening.
    Don't go at all! You hate making your mind up!
    Wear the uncomfortable yet stylish shoes just to look good.
  • 10
    What order do you eat the food on your plate (eg. Meat first, then vegetables?)
    Save your favourite piece of tea until last.
    Eat it traditionally - meat first then vegetables, then pudding.
    Any random order you like because you hate every day being the same.

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