Red vs. Blue Season One.

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10 Questions - Developed by: Pvt. L. L. Church - Developed on: - 8.293 taken

Based on my basic knowledge of the web series Red vs. Blue, lets see how much you know about season one.

  • 1
    In the opening scene of season one, what were Grif and Simmons talking about?
    Why Private Church of the Blue Team is such an asshole.
    Why Private Tucker of the Blue Team never got to hold the sniper rifle.
    Why they were in Blood Gulch.
    Why the new jeep looked like a Puma and not a warthog.
  • 2
    What was the name of the rooky that Red Team received?
    Private Dean CinnimonBuns
    Private Franklin Donut
    Major ButterCrust
    Private Micheal J. Caboose
    Doctor Very von EvilSatan
  • 3
    Who was the rooky that the Blue Team received?
    Private L.L Church
    Private Michael J. Caboose
    He wasn't really a person, he was a gay robot
    Private Dick Simmons
    Private Lopez
  • 4
    In the latest shipment received from Red Command, the Red Army received a jeep. Sarge called it the Warthog, because he thought that it looked like a warthog. What did Grif think it looked like.
    The Chupachabra
    Grif didn't have any suggestions, he thought from the beginning that it looked like a warthog.
    Big Foot
    A Puma
  • 5
    In the latest shipment from Blue Command, the Blue Army received a tank. Why didn't Private Tucker want the tank?
    It didn't have cup holders.
    Because there were 6 pedals and only 4 directions, which made the tank hard to drive.
    Because he was armor certified.
    Because you can't pick up chicks in a tank.
    Because he knew they were getting a rookie with the tank.
  • 6
    How did Private Church die?
    Caboose stuck a plasma grenade to Church's helmet.
    He was killed in action, when he was shot by Private Simmons.
    He was killed in an attack by a freelancer on Sidewinder.
    Tucker was playing with Church's sniper rifle and shot Church in the eye.
    Caboose shot him with the tank, while the blues were trying to retaliate against the reds for stealing their flag.
  • 7
    Who was sent to replace Church?
    Private Grif of the Red Army, nobody liked him anyway.
    Doc, the soft spoken medic
    Freelancer Tex
    Vic from command.
    nobody was sent, because nobody cares about what happens in Blood Gulch anyway.
  • 8
    After nearly being blown to pieces by a plasma grenade, what color of armor was Donut issued?
    Midnight blue, he was transferred to the Blue team.
    Ralph Lauren Red 101
    Brick Red.
    Pink/Lightish Red.
  • 9
    By the end of season one, church had a body again. Who's body was he possessing?
    Sarge, so he could infiltrate the Red Base undetected.
    Donut, because that pink armor did look pretty comfortable.
    Sheila, so he could shoot Caboose for killing him.
    Caboose, his head was already pretty empty anyhow.
    Lopez, The Red Teams Mechanized Droid (robot).
  • 10
    Tex had been merged with an aggressive AI, known as O'Malley. When Donut killed Tex w/ a plasma grenade, the AI was removed from Tex. Who did O'malley infect next?
    Tucker, because nothing good ever happens to Tucker.
    Sheila, so he could just go ahead and kill all the members of both Red and Blue Teams.
    Donut, because that pink armor looked pretty comfortable.
    Sarge, so he would already be at the top of the chain of command so he would be closer to ruling the universe.
    Caboose, when he was trying to call Church on the radio.

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