Which Big Day Out Forumer are you?

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Ever wondered which Big Day Out Forumer you most resemble? Take this short quiz and find out!

  • 1
    What is your favourite website?
    http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity_interviews/63472004.htm (OASIS AND FOOD!)
  • 2
    When it comes to music, you like...
    Look, I really don’t have to tell you what kind of music I like. I’ve spoken about music I like at plenty of other opportunities, and just because you think that I never mention what bands I like, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like bands. I like lots of bands. Can this quiz please listen to itself! This quiz is a self righteous cow!
    Carcass. Seriously you think they are great. Did you mention you liked Carcass? Can everybody acknowledge that you like them so you can stop namedropping them to seem like you like non-mainstream metal bands? Napalm Death
    You like Oasis, and shit dance music so people won’t think you’re shit for just liking Oasis
    Anything that you can hold a greater appreciation for, due to your time spent living in Thatcher-era Britain
    Anything that you read about on the internet
  • 3
    What does the BDO Forum mean to you?
    Friday Night Rollcall: That band you heard about last week on Pitchfork
    It’s just a place where nobody realises what a forum celebrity you are. That’s it you’re leaving. Seriously this time (no you mean it). Really you do.
    16000 posts! OMGlolfaget
    It doesn’t mean anything to you! Hahaha what a hilarious question! This is just a place you go to kill time. Just a place you pop in for a quick look around! Hahaha. Yes, you need to kill time for long periods every day. No, you stand adamant that this forum means nothing to you.
    It doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s just a stupid forum. Oh, one time you hacked it. Does everybody else remember that? It shows how little you care about this place. You wish people would remember how cool you were.
  • 4
    Best place to have sex?
    *blank stare*
    When you were back in high school you were a real stud. That’s why you had to consider getting back into a relationship with a girl you knew five years ago. Oh yeah, you have so many girls chasing you, you have to beat them off with a stick. Actually, you’ll answer this question as soon as you lose your virginity.
    In a marriage
    Tent and / or listening to The Darkness
    Let’s talk about New Zealand. You think New Zealand has beautiful beaches. And nobody smokes in clubs anymore. You can’t believe how great it is not to have to come home stinking like cigarettes. You think it is so disgusting to smoke. You were over in Australia and people were smoking, and this bothers you so much. What was the question about? Sex?
  • 5
    Most hated person on BDO Forum?
    The Bible doesn’t teach about hate. You’ve explained this, poorly, many times before. You’ll have to explain again that all those pages at the start are negated by the fact that Jesus came to earth. Oh, and you also end up stereotyping atheists whilst you try to defend the stereotype of brainless Christians.
    You don’t hate anyone. Imagine how pathetic it would be if you hated somebody on an internet message board! You feel that people who hate people on message boards are lame and far too involved. You think that your life is far too important to be able to think of somebody that you hate, that you’ve never met. Oh, and you hate BCT
    You don’t hate anyone in particular. But you do relish in the fact that so many people hate you. Yes, they really do. No they don’t just find you to be a moron who is harmless and pathetic. You feel they are really annoyed by your presence. You’ll play up to this and get them to make them hate you more. You’re not interesting enough for people to genuinely like you, unfortunately you’re to pathetic for people to hate you as well
    Bort, or tobor
    There is this one forumer who smells worse than your poo
  • 6
    You’ve just come out from a huge night out, do you…
    Regret having the third beer
    Eat something. Wish you could go out to bands you actually like, instead of being paid to be a bouncer at shit punk gigs
    Go to sleep. There’s plenty of time to bore people with what you do with your life in the morning. And look, if people find it boring, then why are they opening your threads? People are so immature! They’re just trying to pick a fight with you! They are so immature! All you were doing was posting about your night out in New Zealand! Hey, maybe this is the perfect time for you to turn a thread into a boring discussion about various places in New Zealand that you have with the same four forumers every fucking day!
    Get on your livejournal to tell the internet what an awesome night you had at Club 77
    You go to sleep. You’ll have to think of something from your night to try and impress people later. Maybe that time you were making weird noises? Or when you played pool against some people? Or when some people threw a pillow at you?
  • 7
    What is your favourite drink?
    Doesn’t really matter. But if I’m going to have more than two, could you please help me get home?
    Cans of Black Jim Beam. You are a connoisseur when it comes to drinking these. You think they are an absolutely great drink. Maybe you should post more about how you like them so people will realise you’re cool for drinking alcohol?
    You sure could go for a warm bottle of Liam Gallagher’s piss right about now
    You like whatever everybody else is drinking
    You love this great New Zealand spirit, it’s so amazing. You think everybody should try it. You continue to talk about boring, useless shit that nobody cares about. Your most meaningful contribution to this discussion is ‘!’ and ‘Hahaha’. 42 Below! Hahaha
  • 8
    Who do you love most?
    You love Jesus. He died for our sins. Either him, or Alan Vega from Suicide
    Your boyfriend is totally awesome. All right, here is another chance to talk about your relationship with him! He is really sweet! Hahaha! You don’t know if you’re ready to marry him though! Haahaha! (more inane chatter, more exclamation marks)
    You have a few crushes and engagements at the moment. You can’t give any names, but you can link to their Live Journal
    Your brother. He is totally awesome. You don’t speak about him that much anymore on the forum, but you would totally go down on him. Not because you’re gay, just because he’s awesome.
  • 9
    Your biggest secret?
    You want to hit 20 000 posts so you can go on a celebrity weight loss reality show
    You deliberately misspell words so you can feel naughty, and correct them later
    You’re a dude.
    You’re still into nu-metal
    Secrets? The forum knows what you do every single day of your fucking life. You don’t keep secrets from these people (despite them begging you to).
  • 10
    You Live…
    With God fearing Christians. You love Mum and Dad
    With your parents. They are really cool. Maybe if you write more about your relationship with them, people will think you’re a great guy. Oh, and mention the fact that you have to drive 3 kilometres out of your way to smoke weed. Your parents rock! Do people like you yet
    In an apartment in New Zealand. You should also mention that it’s really close to the city! Did you remember to mention that your apartment is close to the city? Perhaps you should make mention of the fact that your apartment is near the city. You emphasise again that you live in an apartment
    In a constant state of hunger
    In a shithole (Perth)
  • 11
    What do you think of (recently retired) member BCT?
    Turns out he’s not even fat. And after all those ‘fat brothers in arms’ PM’s you sent him.
    You think he’s okay, but he’s probably never met Jonny Greenwood (whom you have met)
    You’re so glad he left. It is so much better here now that BCT has gone! He was a loser. Hahahaha! You continue to mention this person that you supposedly have no interest in, at every opportunity
    ‘You’re not my father, BCT’
    You think it’s hard to stay mad at BCT when you steal so much of your taste in music from him
  • 12
    Current Words of Wisdom?
    'omg i was in the foyer for the jaga jazzist show, watched 5mins from the window.. seemed pretty good’'
    'doobies is the best retro word ever.'
    'Liam Gallagher is better'
    'As a non smoker with long hair, I would come home after a night out and would fucking stink of the stuff, so much so, that if I dared go straight to bed without having a shower my pillow would stink of it the next morning, not to mention my clothes all reeking of that vile shit. I always have a shower before I go out, and my hair smells nice, of fruit shampoo, and then I'd get home and it'd smell like I'd tipped an ashtray on my head.'
  • 13
    Favourite concert?
    Oasis in Glasgow. You are amazed by the fact that if you play with your penis whilst Liam sings ‘Lyla’, it looks exactly like he’s taking you in his mouth.
    You met Jonny Greenwood
    Wait, have you mentioned how much you hate Liz Shaw? Keep, you better post something so that everyone can start victimising her, or they’ll all remember how much they hate your stupid existence! Hahaha!
    Wait, you need to refer to your Microsoft Word Document that has all the bands you’ve ever seen in it, so you can cross check for which gig has the most popularity, but also gives you the most scene points
    Foo Fighters free gig at VHQ. Rock and motherfucking roll!
  • 14
    Your appearance...
    You are skinny. But not anorexic skinny. You can’t stand those anorexic girls. Why don’t they just eat something? No, you are skinny, but you should stress that you’re not anorexic. That’s right, you’re not anorexic. And you don’t wear thong underwear! Hahaha. Butt floss! Hahaha
    Your hair provided by myspace.com
    You once thought it was a good idea to wear a robe at a gig. This is not a joke.
    Plumpish (fat)
    Your hair is a little long. You just need to cut the sides and then it will be schweet. At the moment it is a little long though. But in a few months you will look amazing. Oh, how are you kidding, you look like a short sighted twelve year old girl. A twelve year old girl who prefers the company of woman.
  • 15
    You’re finding it hard to finish this test because…
    You’re hungry
    This test is just going round and round in circles. It’s so immature. Hahahaha. You can’t believe how un-aware this quiz is. It’s pointless trying to complete it! Hahaha. This quiz is just getting more and more immature!
    Your monitor is cracked from where you punched it
    You are about as smart as a three year old
    You’re not wearing your scarf
  • 16
    What animal best describe you?
    The mockingbird (Known for it’s tendency to imitate)
    The hippo. (Known for it’s love of guitar-based British music)
    The possum (Known for it’s ability to play dead, only to come back as pedantic and annoying as ever)
    The liger (Known for it’s skills in magic)
    A female dog (Known colloquially as a bitch)
  • 17
    Are you a fucking moron?

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