Which Harry Potter girl are you?

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Who would you be? Fun Ginny, intelligent Hermione, dreamy Luna or over-sensitive Cho? Find out now!

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    What do you like to spend your spare time doing?
    Reading a nice book and breaking the occasional rule
    Crying and moping around, thinking about some stuff......
    Following Crumple-Horned snorcaks and other random creatures
    Playing Quidditch, hanging out with my big family and all my friends
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    Who do you/ would you date?
    Oh, I don't know, after Cedric, and then Harry, I'd rather be alone......
    Ron Weasley, we have a connection, but we haven't figured it out yet
    Oh, I am much too busy for that sort of thing. But perhaps one of the members of the Glosinsnlofin club?
    Harry Potter, he's just so brave!
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    What, would you say, is your best quality?
    My fun and sociable personality. Oh yeah, and I can do a mean Bat-Bogey hex!
    My intelligence and cleverness, but also loyalty
    My ability to observe the world around me in entirely my own way
    My emotions and my f-feelings..... *sob!*
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    What would you like to do when you graduate?
    Well, I did want to be a Quidditch player, but now........
    Perhaps I will follow my father and become editor of the Quibbler magazine
    I would stand up for the rights of house-elves, or other poorly treated creatures
    Maybe be a Quidditch player, or some sociable job
  • 5
    Where do you spend most of your time?
    The library and the common room
    Lying in bed, feeling sad......
    Down by the lake, observing the Giant Squid, things like that
    The Quidditch pitch, common room and my cozy little home
  • 6
    What do your eyes look like?
    Big and amber, full of life
    Gorgeous and almond shaped though usually filled with tears
    Large and vacant, a light blue colour
    Deep brown, full of wisdom
  • 7
    Who is your favourite girl character in Harry Potter?
    Luna Lovegood
    Hermione Granger
    Ch Chang
    Ginny Weasley
  • 8
    Extra activities I like to do at school are:
    I research anything that might be useful for problems my friends are going through
    Well, I used to play Quidditch and be in clubs, but now.....
    I commentate for Quidditch games when Hufflepuff is playing
    I play on my house Quidditch team
  • 9
    One thing that people would not expect about you:
    I used to be really timid and shy, and I was once controlled by Lord Voldemort
    I really value my opinions and I will do what I want, even if it means foiling a secret defense club my mum doesn't want me too
    Sometimes, when I lose my temper I do cool things, like punch my enemies in the face
    Although I am very dreamy, I often have something to say that is wise and makes people feel better
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    On personal comment I would like to say:
    Always b-b-be h-happy.........
    "If you dot the i's and cross the t's, then you may do whatever you please!"
    Always have fun, but look out for others and be loyal
    Flimming-flam jammiespluffenwuff.....

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I'm hermonie I hate Ron Rochel Toby she is so weird