The Sorting Hat for adults

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10 Questions - Developed by: Jeff the Martin - Developed on: - 17.917 taken

This quiz is for older Potter fans--those who may be children at heart, but not in their everyday lives. I have tried to be as obscure as possible, so that you don't know which House goes with which answer. I hope you are surprised!

  • 1
    If someone is driving slow in front of you, you
    Pass/overtake them only if you are in a hurry
    Pass/overtake them immediately
    Pass/overtake them when it is safe
    Pass/overtake them only if someone else in the car wants you to
    Pass/overtake them as soon as possible
  • 2
    If you are buying food for your family, you tend to choose
    Popular products
    Whatever tastes good
    Really healthy food
    The least expensive food
    Healthy food
  • 3
    When the next Harry Potter book is coming out, you
    Borrow your friend's copy
    Go to the midnight sale to get it
    Order it online
    Join the crowd getting their copy at midnight
    Hurry to be the first in line
  • 4
    If you have, or if you were to buy a cell phone, your ring tone would be
    A Mozart piano concerto
    Something by the Beatles
    Normal ring
    Loud ring
    A pop/rock song
  • 5
    Your dream job is one in which you
    Get to see a lot of people
    Can really accomplish something
    Make money
    Can really make a difference
    Have authority
  • 6
    You are most like what kind of tree?
  • 7
    You think that the reason wizards use quills and parchment instead of computers is that
    JK Rowling wanted to create a more medieval atmosphere in her books
    Quills work fine, why change?
    Quills make you think more before writing
    Quills are traditional
    Wizards understand magic better than technology
  • 8
    If someone offers you a chocolate, you
    Accept it if it's from a friend
    Accept it no matter what
    Accept it and eat it
    Accept it if it's not just before meal time
    Accept it if it's a kind you like
  • 9
    Your choice of spouse/partner is/would be someone who
    Loves you
    Supports you
    You wish to be alone!
    Works well with you
    Is compatible with you
  • 10
    At the library or video store, you choose something like:
    A Western, or an action movie
    The latest new release
    A horror film
    A foreign film
    Self-help books

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