What type of gnome are you?

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Have you ever sat down to contemplate the universe and gotten lost on a train of thought, wondering what type of gnome you are? If so, this is the quiz for you!

  • 1
    How would you describe your relationship with nature?
    NATURE IS BAD! I prefer to stay in small, enclosed spaces. Especially the ones with old clothes I can lay on to sleep...
    Oh, nature is just fine. The trees are pretty. Sometimes I see a passing butterfly and I wonder how those butterflies got all those pretty colors on their wings...
    I love the outdoors! I take great pleasure in standing in it for long periods of time, among the day-lilies or ferns.
  • 2
    Do you tend to be claustrophobic?
    What's claustrophobic?
    Not really... In fact, I'm rather frightened of large, open spaces...I prefer dark, enclosed spaces... light tends to scare me.
    Yes, whenever I'm not out in the open, surrounded by lots of pretty flowers and grass and the open sky that I can stand under for long periods of time, I get really freaked out
  • 3
    Would you say you are a leader or a follower?
    Well, I would I'm the leader of my group, despite the fact that it's usually me following their actions... and words.
    Well, considering I am the only member of my group and I live alone, I would count myself as a leader.
    I follow the example of the stones- stay still in the face of danger, and all other aspects of life.
  • 4
    What do you usually wear on a daily basis?
    I wear whatever I find laying around in my home.... generally clothes that nobody wears anymore.
    I like to look like the society I live in, so I generally wear shirts... with pants.
    Well, I like to blend in to my surroundings, so I wear a lot of green, and in the spring I wear bright colors to look like my friends, the flowers.
  • 5
    How do you compare to a leech?
    I've never actually met one; leeches tend to live in marshes, and I live in grasslands.
    Leech is kind of a strong word, but I do follow this one person around, usually the one I live with, and do mischievious things, such as unrolling toilet paper all over the house, and stealing odd socks.
    Isn't that one of those bug things?
  • 6
    Do you usually make jokes?
    Well, the people I hang around with make a lot of jokes, and since they laugh at them I assume they're funny, so I laugh, too.
    Well, I do, but the flowers and the grass and the dirt don't usually get them... or if they do, they don't laugh.
  • 7
    Do you like insects?
    Insects are my friends! They help my other friends, the flowers, survive!
    Never met one of those...
  • 8
    If you had one wish, what would it be?
    For the person I live with to buy more stuffed animals and throw them all into the closet, so that I have a comfy bed forever and ever and ever!
    To live in the tundra with my fellow gnomes.
    To live among the flowers and grass and butterflies forever and ever and ever!
  • 9
    What are some adjectives that describe you?
    hidden, mischievious, short
    short, stationary, cute, wears pointy hat
    me, popular, guy-magnet
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?
    No. It required me to be out in the open. Light scares me.
    This was a quiz?
    Not really, it kept me inside too long. I miss the flowers!

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