Are you REALLY over him?

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Sometimes you try and try to get over a guy, but you just can't. Take this quiz to see if you are really over him, or if you are still majorly crushing on him.

  • 1
    Do you still think about him a lot?
  • 2
    You know he doesn't like you, but do you still spend time fantasizing about the day when he'll ask you out?
  • 3
    Do you see him a lot?
  • 4
    Do you have pictures of him hanging in your room/locker?
  • 5
    Do you still get nervous/excited when you talk to him?
  • 6
    How do you feel about him?
  • 7
    Would you change anything about you to get him to like you?
  • 8
    Do you still dream about him?
  • 9
    Do you talk about him with your friends?
  • 10
    Do you think you're over him?

Comments (12)


Kathryn (99419)
8 days ago
40% over him. But I thought it would lower than that. We broke up a few months ago and we both thought that the other one was the ONE.
Soph (30897)
60 days ago
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softball–lover13 (43992)
118 days ago
it said im almost over him theres just a peace of me tha still loves him which is true. i think im starting to like him again since he was moved to my group.i feel more connected
the interested lover (82711)
119 days ago
I'm 90% over him according to this test but I have a boyfriend and I still think about him and the day he dumped me. can someone please tell me what to do about this boy!!!
WhateverTADA (69643)
201 days ago
it says to "find another guy to crush on" but i thnk you should only date the person you think is the one for you not waste your time dating ppl you dont care about
Nisha Singh (85842)
353 days ago
I am so very happy with my result
FadedDaydream (59742)
515 days ago
So I've liked this guy for quite a while, since the beginning of the school year actually (almost a year ago now). Um, let's call him L. He never fails to make me laugh and smile like crazy, and whenever i'm around him I get all tingly and nervous and whenever he touches me it literally feels like electricity passing through me and I know i'm not over L but I haven't told anyone that because I don't want to seem pathetic. So instead of telling my friends whats really going on with me I told them I liked someone else and they immediately had us talk to each other despite all of my attempts to get them to stop, and now i'm stuck in a one-sided relationship with let's call him S. The thing is I did like S for a few months but now all i can seem to think about is L. I had made so many promises to S and he's so good to me but i just don't return his feelings anymore and i don't know how to tell him that without hurting him and breaking every promise I made. I'm just so confused on what to do and if anyone could help that would be so greatly appreciated like you can't even imagine.
SpringSweetHeart (55824)
526 days ago
The thing with this guy is that it isn't just any crush that comes and goes as quick as you can blow out a candle,it's real love...
2 years already,we were friends,I confessed my love to him,he told his friends,the whole school knows,the guys laugh then he kinda hates me...
It's been a month since I've told him and now I'm mostly over him but everytime I see him,it just comes again.I still have feelings for him.Als o he says that he isn't into me but looks for my attention now that I started ignoring him.It just hurts.....

Ejm (31719)
526 days ago
I have liked this guy for 4 years now and nothing has happened! We graduated two weeks ago and we went off to France to play soccer. I got his phone number from my friend and I don't know if I should text him. I have been his friend for 1year but I don't want to ruin that by texting him. He is going to a different school next year so I might not ever see him again. I don't know how to get over him but I need to. Can anyone help?
Sadestgirl (96999)
556 days ago
Omg! I didn't get my crushes number even tho its last day of school. We graduated but I didn't stay for celebration. Right now I'm room bawling my eyes out. Heeeellllp me pl3eaaa!!!!!
Anonymous (86231)
621 days ago
I knew i was over him.He was like so worthless i didn't want him anymore.My bff is his niece and he made her talk to the girl he was dating.I seriously can't believe that he did all this while talking to me. SO SAD
annonymous (11543)
634 days ago
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