Which Pride and Prejudice character are you?

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  • 1
    You find out someone has been bad-mouthing you behind your back. You:
    Confront the person - you won't tolerate that sort of behavior!
    Laugh at him - his behavior is ridiculous!
    Pity the offender - obviously he has issues with his self esteem
    Start bad-mouthing him - hey, an eye for an eye
    Ignore it - you're above that sort of behavior
  • 2
    Your friends invite you to a party. You:
    Refuse their offer - you prefer your own company
    Ask who is attending before accepting - you always have to know whose company you're going to be in
    Refuse their offer and hold a party of your own - the fun is always at your house!
    Accept their invitation - you are always happy to meet new people
    Accept their invitation - it would be rude not to do so
  • 3
    You win a $500 gift certificate for Costco. You spend it on:
    Nothing - you would keep the certificate until you need something
    Books and movies - you can never have enough
    Furniture - it is time to redecorate your house
    Food - you want to donate cans for the food drive at the local community center
    Clothing - you have to look nice to catch somebody's eye
  • 4
    You are asked to go to the local supermarket to pick up some items for dinner. You:
    Make an excuse and recommend someone else to do it
    Agree but end up not doing it
    Look offended and refuse
    Go without protest
    Cheerfully agree and ask if you can do anything else
  • 5
    It is time for a family reunion but no one wants to write and mail the invitations. You:
    Pick the family member with the least to do and volunteer him for the job
    Volunteer to do it
    Order your younger sibling to do it
    Make an excuse as to why you cannot do it
    Ignore the problem and hope the whole thing will get cancelled
  • 6
    Summer is here and you need to buy new clothes. You:
    Put it off until next year - your old clothes will manage
    Go to stores with the most and unique attractive clothing that draws the eye - no one else will have what you have!
    Arrange to go on a shopping spree with friends - the more the merrier!
    Go to the mall with friends and end up paying for all their purchases
    Shop in the most expensive stores - you deserve only the best!
  • 7
    It's the weekend and you decide to go the movies. You:
    Watch the mystery - you like having to think during the film
    Watch the thriller - the screaming is amusing
    Take your younger siblings with you and watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Watch the foreign film to look sophisticated - even if you don't understand the language
    Watch the chick flick in which the wealthy girl the gets the wealthy guy
  • 8
    It's Christmas and your aunt mails you a DVD player and says she misses you. You:
    Give her an ipod in return and invite her to your house - your gift and house is better than hers!
    Send her a digital camera that you got for half off because it's refurbished and promise to visit though you don't intend to
    Call her and say thanks
    Send her a thank you card and promise to visit - she probably wants to spend some time with you
    Send her a copy of The Da Vinci Code- it's your favorite
  • 9
    You are at a friend's house playing truth or dare and you get asked an embarrassing question. You:
    Refuse to answer and leave the house
    Get offended and verbally attack the one who asked the question
    Laugh and try to avoid answering
    Answer truthfully though you would probably get teased for it
    Lie and hope no one catches you
  • 10
    You go to store and catch someone shoplifting. You:
    Talk to the shoplifter and persuade him that stealing is not the way to live
    Ignore it - it is none of your business
    Walk up to the counter and tell the man behind the cash register
    Scold the shoplifter for breaking the law
    Look away and decide to never shop there again - obviously the security is lacking

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