Could you rule the world?

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11 Questions - Developed by: Dannyr-van-kipp - Developed on: - 12.454 taken

If it turns out you can, Iceland is MINE!

  • 1
    What is your plan for conquering the world?
    Blast Elevator music out of every speaker you can find, and sneak into the seat of power while everyone is an easy-listening stupor
    Chicken. Lots of Chicken.
    Steal the elastic out of every pair of underwear. Not to take over the world. It'll just be fun.
    Cover all the traffic lights in the world with Post-its, and while everyone is stuck in a huge traffic jam, crash the computers and call the world "Flopsy Worldy Goodness"
  • 2
    What shall you wear on the day you put your brilliant plan into action?
    A shirt that says "Your Mom." on it and one sock.
    a dress made out of duck tape with plastic spoon shoes
    A beautiful, extravagant............thong.
    A neon green version of the Pope's outfit.
  • 3
    Who will rule by your side?
    J.K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe/some hot dude(chick)
    Green Day and a frog/Shania Twain and a paperclip
    your best friend and a piece of cheese/your mom and a some ones foot
    Jhonen Vasquez and a goat/Angelina Jolie and a bottle of white out
  • 4
    Cat scratch?
    These got peanuts and soap in them!
    The death of us all!
  • 5
    What would you force everybody to call you?
    Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert
    Your Mom
    Shooby Llama Sinatra Pilinxis
  • 6
    What would your army be made of?
    Giant Martinis
    Gym teachers
    photo copy machines
  • 7
    When is this conquering going to take place?
    Right before the Apocalypse.
    Two minutes ago.
    3 weeks before 8 days after the Equinox that happens on your second cousins birthday in 4 years
  • 8
    What will you rename the world?
    Your Mom
    I already said! Flopsy Worldy Goodness!
    Louis XIV
    Spherical Sphere or Sphery Doom
  • 9
    Will you let me have Iceland?
    I'm smart and read the introduction! I know that you already own it!
    We can share it!
  • 10
    Where will your H.Q. be?
    It will take up the entire state of Rhode Island.
    In your old gym locker.
    On the Moon.
  • 11
    what will your H.Q. be called?
    Radio Shack
    I will not name it!
    Your Mom

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