Do You Do The Right Thing?

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Everyone makes mistakes doing what they think is the right thing. It's so hard to do it, but hopefully you know when you do. The right thing takes guts! Do you really have the guts to do the right thing? Take this quiz and find out.

  • 1
    Your boy/girl friend's birthday is tomorrow, and you have no cash to spend or way to earn money. What do you do?
    Steal 20 bucks from your mom and tell her you don't know what happened to it.
    Make a card and a homemade present...if they don't like it, oh well.
    Ask your mom for some money so you can get a new backpack for school...with a story about how the hobo under the bridge stole it later.
    Beg your friends for money, telling them that your mom won't give you lunch money for a week.
  • 2
    Your best friend is telling everyone about how you kissed their significant other and now everyone won't talk to you. You...
    Punch your friend in the face! Duh!
    Change schools/jobs and start over.
    Remind everyone about when your best friend did the same thing...after all, no one's perfect, right?
    Tell everyone about how your best friend is a liar and a backstabber.
    Hold your head high and tell them that it's none of their business anyway.
  • 3
    Your mom comes home in a bad mood, and she yells at you before she asks you to help her clean up. You tell her...
    Ok, and tell in an equally heated tone that you don't appreciate being yelled at.
    Ok, and ask her why her day was so bad.
    Refuse and spill chip crumbs all over the floor.
    Refuse and stomp to your room in a temper.
  • 4
    A new kid comes to your school. They have bad B.O., bad style, and no friends. What do you do?
    Ask them if they live in a dumpster...what, they look and smell like it!
    Tell them if they talk to you, you will blow their heads off.
    Leave a gift basket of deodorant, soap, and body sprays in their homeroom...welcome to the school!
    Talk to them on a daily basis, just a hi in the halls.
  • 5
    You find a hundred dollar bill on your teacher's floor, unguarded. You know your teacher's been counting fundraising money for the other classes, but not yours. What do you do?
    Take it without a second thought...more dough, yeah!
    Give it back with a long talk about how the fundraiser should extend to your class, too.
    Give it back, duh! I'm no thief.
    Use it to buy new clothes for the girl in the last question.
  • 6
    You're playing a game of poker when you notice that one of the players is cheating. You
    Ignore it. You're not going to bet a lot of money in the next round, though.
    Call them on it in a civilized manner and refuse to continue playing until the cheating stops.
    Point and scream, "CHEATER! CHEATER!"
    Start cheating, too... if they can get away with it, you can, too.
  • 7
    Your mom admits to you that you were an accident and that she almost had an abortion when she was pregnant with you. You
    Kill her.
    Start screaming at her about how stupid she is.
    Calmly take it and understand that it did not what if you cry?
  • 8
    A person with bad hygiene, bad style, and an ugly face asks you on a date. You accept on account of pity, and decide that night that the best thing to do would be to
    Go and be as snobby and mean as you can, hoping that the hint will be taken.
    Tell them that they're too ugly to date.
    Kill yourself because you can't refuse.
    Go and try to ignore the nausea and replace it with trying to see the inside of the person.
    Call them and tell them you're sick with the West Nile Virus...lots of mosquitoes out there!
  • 9
    Would you ever drop coins into the hat of a street hobo?
    No, they'll use it to buy crack.
    Yes, they need it more than I do.
    What's a hobo ever done for me?
    Yes, but only if they licked my toes.
  • 10
    You drop your mom's favorite vase and it shatters. What do you do?
    Tell her about how dumb she was to let you touch it.
    Tell her about it and pray that she doesn't kill you.
    Hide it and your body before it becomes a carcass.
    Glue it back together and hope she doesn't notice.
    Tell her that the cat did it...the cat won't get grounded.
  • 11
    Someone who always treats you like crap comes up and asks you for help on their homework. You give them a number to reach you at and go home. Later that night...
    Papa John's receives a call about math homework.
    You receive a phone call and act like you don't understand English.
    You receive a phone call and help the caller.
    You hand the phone to your brother, and when the person calls, he farts into the speaker.
  • 12
    If the world was to end tomorrow, what would you do?
    Apologize to the ones you've hurt and spend time with the ones you love.
    Tell everyone off and spend your last moments alone.
    Spend your last day telling everyone what they did wrong.
    Kill yourself.
  • 13
    Your true love tells you that they cheated on you with their cousin. What do you do?
    Tell everyone in the world about it.
    Kill them.
    Tell them that you are very angry, but that you still love them.
    Admit to making out with their best friend...even though it's not true.
  • 14
    You don't like the person you've been partnered with in science, not at all...but now it's your first project. What do you do?
    Tell them that they can do the project with someone else, because you won't do it with them.
    Try to put the differences aside and get along.
    Tell them straight out that you don't like them.
    Ignore them completely.
  • 15
    You just finished a fifteen question quiz about doing the right thing. You didn't answer some of them honestly (if you did, I'm proud). What do you do?
    Go back and correct them because it's the right thing to do.
    Go on and get my results.
    How would you know if I answered differently?
    Ignore you and this question.

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