What Body of Water are you?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Jenna - The quiz is developed on: - 7869 taken

Are you a creek, stream, lake, or ocean? Take it and see what you are

  • 1
    Are you little?
    I guess if you compared me to sea, yes I'm pretty small
    I'm not to small, and not to big
    No! I'm the largest thing you've ever seen!
  • 2
    Can you drown and kill people?
    NO way! A baby could barely drown in me!
    A baby could drown, and people could get washed away in my current sometimes
    Hate to say it, but yes! I have sharks and I'm very deep!
    I might have a poisonous snake or something that could kill them, but drowning? Maybe
  • 3
    What do people do with you?
    In the old days people just got water from me if they didn't have a well
    Sometimes people make dams in me or wade in me
    They fish, water ski, or swim
    Usually they surf and swim
  • 4
    Are you warm?
    It depends what kind I am. Let's see. I can be warm around Jamaica, but cold around New York and London.
    Usually I'm just cool
    Sometimes I can be cold, and sometimes warm
    I'm usually warm, but sometimes I can get cool around winter and fall
  • 5
    Are you fast and rushing?
    If there's a storm I'm always fierce, but if it's sunny I only give waves
    I stay still, unless a water skier makes mini waves
    NO, not at all. I sometimes flow, but very slowly
    I usually have a good medium speed
  • 6
    Where will you most likely be found?
    Almost everywhere! Usually I'm in the forest though.
    Sometimes I'm in the mountains. In the old days they needed my current for their mills.
    I'm in between the continents. I'm international
    Almost everywhere too! Sometimes I'm man made and sometimes I'm natural
  • 7
    Are you romantic?
    No not really.
    Sometimes I can be.
    Yes! I have the most beautiful sunsets, and the warm sand near me is perfect setting for a kiss!
  • 8
    Which romantic movie are you in?
    The Notebook! I have the most beautiful white birds!
    Tuck Everlasting! Winnie Foster and Jesse say the most romantic words!
    Titanic! It's so sad but romantic!
    Hmmmm, I'm thinking
  • 9
    Are you deep?
    I can at least get above your ankles.
    NO way!
    Oh yes! I hate to say this but I'm deep enough to kill people
  • 10
    Last Question. What kind of animals are around you?
    Seagulls, fish, sharks
    Bass, brim, herons
    Butterflies, bugs, lizards, frogs
    Bugs, raccoons, birds