Are you a Liberal, Conservative, or Centrist?

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Welcome to one of the easiest yet most efficient political profile tests. Here you answer the questions to your point of view and you political ideology will be unveiled.

  • 1
    How do you feel about the topic of ABORTION/CHOICE?
    I’m not really for or against choice. I think abortion is wrong, but I would not want the power of choice to be taken away from women.
    I will always support choice. Women should have complete control over their own bodies. Abortion should always be safe and legal.
    I completely disagree with choice. Women should not be allowed to have abortions. Even in certain cases of rape or other circumstance, abortion is wrong and should be banned.
  • 2
    When it comes to TAXES?
    Taxes are all right the way they are. Maybe tax cuts could help some people, but a raise in taxes could help others.
    Taxes should be drastically reduced. Tax cuts and low taxes are needed. The government needs less tax revenue to provide less services for the people.
    Taxes should be raised for the people who can afford it. The government needs more tax revenue to provide services for the people.
  • 3
    The ECONOMY?
    The government should let the private sector control the economy. Corporations should make all their decisions and the government should not check for corruption, greed, or monopolies. You’d rather pay for a cheap Chinese product rather than keeping jobs in the USA.
    The government should regulate the economy. Too many corporations have control over the USA. The government should promote free trade but also practice fair trade. You’d rather pay an extra dollar or two for an American made product rather than a cheap Chinese product.
    The government should handle some aspects of the economy but should allow corporations to make their own decisions. The economy is pretty good the way it is.
  • 4
    The BUDGET?
    The government should make a fiscally sound budget. Basically you believe in a tax and spend philosophy. If there is not money to spend, don’t spend it. You believe in spending the majority of the budget on social programs and programs that help the people.
    The government should create a balanced budget, but it should reduce it’s spending drastically. The majority of the budget should be spent on military and defense. Social programs should be cut. If we don’t have enough money allocated in the budget, then we should still spend, just not raise taxes.
    The budget should be balanced and used appropriately.
  • 5
    What do you believe the US should do about EDUCATION?
    Education is OK. I would support money for education, but I believe taxes shouldn’t necessarily be raised. The system is good.
    Education is good now. The government should help more people go to college. This would include everyone’s college paid for as long as they showed the motivation to go and the academic performance to deserve an education. I would strongly support a raise in taxes or a lottery to improve education.
    Education is a disaster. We need vouchers for kids to go to private schools. Taxes should not be raised for education. Charter schools are a good idea.
  • 6
    What’s you view point on the environment?
    Support exploration of federal land for new energy sources. Reduce government regulation. I believe the environment should be the last thing to worry about. This is a problem for future generations. Our air, water, and land is fine without the government trying to tell us what to protect.
    Things are fine the way they are. I think the environment is important, but extremes should not be taken from both sides.
    The environment needs to be taken care of. I would support the government setting aside more land for national parks. The government should look for alternative fuels and energy. I would support a raise in taxes to help our environment. I am against ANWAR. Regulate business to protect natural resources. Steer away from nuclear, coal, oil fuels.
  • 7
    Euthanasia is wrong. A person should live their life as long as they were supposed to. Euthanasia will lead to the murder of many people.
    Any person with a terminal illness that wants to end his/her life should be able to, but this process should be checked and regulated carefully.
    I believe a person has the right to end one’s life as long as they are competent and make the decision knowing that they will cease to exist.
  • 8
    The USA should make every known strive to be a team player. World groups such as the UN are crucial the balance of the world. Wars should not be started unless consented by the UN.
    The UN is not important and the US should withdraw from it. The US needs to worry about itself and itself only. We should follow the rule of preemption and attack any country that poses a threat to the USA.
    The UN is important, but the US should also look out for itself.
  • 9
    Social Security?
    Is fine.
    Should be privatized.
    Is fine, but will eventually need to be reformed.
  • 10
    Labor Unions?
    Are good and bad for the economy.
    Are bad and should be avoided at all costs. Wal-Mart is a prime example on how a company should run.
    Are a good way to protect workers and make sure they receive what they are due.
  • 11
    I think illegal immigration is destroying our country and immigration should be controlled.
    Illegal immigration is good for our country. Immigration is as well.
    Illegal immigration is wrong. We should protect our borders. Immigration following the constitution is the proper way to become a US citizen.
  • 12
    Healthcare is very expensive and the government should do more to help the people control healthcare costs.
    Healthcare is fine. The rich deserve the best healthcare and the poor deserve none. I would not support universal healthcare because it leaves a level playing field for everyone and causes taxes to be raised.
    We need universal healthcare. People deserve to be treated for their illnesses. Healthcare is a right not a privilege. Everyone should have the same health coverage regardless of income.
  • 13
    Are good for hunting but should be regulated.
    Are legal and all of them should be accessible to everyone.
    Kill people and should be outlawed.
  • 14
    I’m not for gay marriage, but gay people deserve some of the rights heterosexuals have.
    Homosexuals are being taxed without representation. I believe they should be protected equally under law and deserve the same rights as heterosexual couples.
    Regardless of law, homosexuals are an abomination to the land and should not receive equal rights.
  • 15
    The Iraq war was necessary to protect America. The timing was right and everything that this administration has done regarding the war is right.
    I wasn’t for or against the war, but recent events have made me leery of the war’s results.
    Is in direct disagreement with international ties and was very avoidable. The Iraq war is a disaster and should have never happened.
  • 16
    Terri Schiavo….
    That was a family issue and should have never been publicized.
    was brain-dead as doctors reported. She is now in a better place and should have never been forced to stay alive.
    Was not brain-dead and could have recovered. She should have stayed on life support forever.
  • 17
    Bush or Kerry?
    I didn’t care they both weren’t good candidates.
  • 18
    In ’08 do you see yourself voting for…?
    Hillary Clinton
    Dick Cheney
    John McCain
  • 19
    In 08 are you most likely to vote for a…?
  • 20
    Do you consider yourself a….?
  • 21
  • 22
    Are not humans.
    Have feelings and should be protected.
    Deserve some rights.
  • 23
    Is ok to shop, but their employee’s deserve better pay.
    Is a company that should be looked up to and respected.
    Is ruining America and should have less control in our government.
  • 24
    The Separation of Church and State?
    Is ridiculous. We need one religion in the US to overrule everything else.
    Is crucial to equality within the United States.
    I don’t see the problem with the 10 commandments in government offices, but to each his own.
  • 25
    Practice what you preach….
    You should, do not pretend to be good in church then disobey the bible when you get out.
    Is what many people should follow.