The New and Improved Sorting Hat!

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Loyal and Brave Gryffindor... Sly and power-hungry Slytherin... Wise and popular Ravenclaw...or Clever and kind Hufflepuff? Find out now...and Prepare to be sorted!

  • 1
    You see a friend as:
    Someone clever and would always help you get out of a tricky situation
    Someone who is loyal and would never betray you
    Someone smart enough not to come and bother you when you don't want to be
    Friends? I have no friends...only minions.
  • 2
    You're running to your class the 2nd day at Hogwarts. Then you remember you forgot your homework!
    Phew - it was just a dream. I'd never forget my homework!
    I can find a quick cover story in time!
    Stand up to it... you'll apologize and finish it that night.
    Who cares... I can just blame it on someone else.
  • 3
    A man in Diagon Alley that you carelessly bumped into drops a bag of Galleons that has scattered all over the floor. You:
    Walk away and laugh.
    Apologize and help pick up the money.
    Help pick them up and slip one in your pocket. Then casually apologize.
    Help him pick them up and then run away. I shouldn't talk to strangers!
  • 4
    Favorite animal?
    The Snake - Sly and can always slip out of trouble.
    The Lion - brave and never lets its enemy hurt its young.
    The Owl - Wise and witty ... and always keeps an eye out for friends.
    The fox - clever, adapting, and does things to help themselves
  • 5
    What would you send your relative for their birthday?
    Whatever they like - or whatever they wanted you to get.
    Nothing. I don't have the time for presents.
    Perphaps a book or some keychain with a cool quote.
    A handy pocketknife or planner of some sort to help them out
  • 6
    Favorite bird?
    An eagle... brave and bold.
    A hawk - clever and keen
    I told you - an Owl! The wisest of them all.
    A vulture - circling its prey with evil eyes
  • 7
    You would see in the mirror of Erised:
    Myself as Minister of Magic...or the Headmaster(/mistress)
    Evil gone for once and for all
    Voldemort taking me as his apprentice!
    Me as an Auror
  • 8
    Your favorite subject..
    Potions... its nice learning another tricky potion for the future ahead. *grins evilly*
    Probably Herbology...its quite interesting.
    Quidditch. It's so fun and daring!
    It doesn't matter. I can ace any of them! But probably Transfiguration.
  • 9
    Your job in the future would probably be...
    A teacher
    A death eater. Wait - does that count? Ah, who cares.
    An Auror
    Maybe a banker at the Wizarding bank.
  • 10
    Was this test worth taking?
    I don't know... we'll find out soon enough, right?
    *YAWN* I only took it because I was bored.
    I bet I got an A! I mean --
    It was pretty good!

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