Which Ex-Lover from Broken Flowers are You?

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From the movie Broken Flowers, which of Don Johnston's ex-lovers do you most resemble?

  • 1
    How do you dress?
    In a slinky, sexy, casually provocative way
    In over-sized men's clothing
    In well-pressed, unwrinkled dress suits
    In a comfortable, elegant, non-constricted style
  • 2
    What might other people say about your job?
    That it's soulless
    That they're not sure what your job is, but you sure do hang around rough people
    That it's pointless
    That it's kooky
  • 3
    What kind of men do you seem to be drawn to?
    Stable, self-assured, slightly (really, just slightly) patronizing types
    Wild, daring, exciting types
    I'm not sure if it's men I'm drawn to, exactly...
    Rough, tough, overprotective types
  • 4
    How can your home be described?
    A bit ramshackle
    Airy, woodsy, comfortable, full of cushions
    Extremely clean and lacking in personal touches
    Cluttered, tacky, filled with cheap items
  • 5
    What's an interesting tidbit about you?
    You claim that you can talk to animals
    You believe that one day, water will be more valuable than oil
    Shut up and stop asking me such personal questions
    Your child is named after a famous literary character
  • 6
    What colors might be associated with you?
    White and pastel pink
    Black and earthy brown
    Green, light brown, and dark orange
    Hot pink, red, and silver
  • 7
    What kind of music do you find yourself tapping your feet to?
    Heavy metal and punk rock
    New Age music
    Pop music and 80s rock
    Elevator music
  • 8
    What's a good way to relax?
    Spend quality time with a beloved family pet
    Hop into bed for some casual sex
    Kick things around the yard and punch the walls
    Drink tea from immaculate porcelain cups
  • 9
    Which kind of makeup do you most favor?
    I prefer a more natural look
    Anything that covers up blemishes
  • 10
    When you're upset about something you...
    Curse and slam doors
    Repress it beneath a tightly polite expression
    Put your hands on your hips and pout

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