How Gross are you?

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Ever wondered how disgusting you are? Take this quiz and you don't need to...wonder any more.

  • 1
    You drop ketchup on your Shirt and you...
    Just leave it...It goes well with that mustard and beans you dropped earlier.
    You take it off immediately and get a new shirt.
    You try to scrub it off with a sponge.
  • 2
    Which one of these do you think is Ok?
    Keeping your elbows off the dinner table.
    Pooing in the shower!
    Peeing in the shower.
  • 3
    You get toothpaste on your hair so you...
    You eat the toothpaste off your hair.
    You rinse it off with water.
    You go to have a nice relaxing bubble bath.
    Just leave it. It's only toothpaste
  • 4
    How often do you have a bath/shower?
    Uhh...I don't know I can't remember the last time I had one.
    Every other day.
    I have one twice a day.
  • 5
    Your friends ask you to go for a game of football but it's a bit muddy so you...
    You go but try not to get too dirty.
    Just go who cares about getting dirty?
    You stay home and watch Eastenders. Well you wouldn't want to dirty your pearl white trousers.
  • 6
    You go to the toilet (number 2) but you can't find any paper so you...
    Try to wipe it off with your hand and then wash your hand in the sink.
    You ask your parent(s) to get you some toilet from the corner shop. NOW
    You go to find something to wipe it off with.
  • 7
    You're going on a date so you wear...
    The T-Shirt and jeans that you wore yesterday.
    You go for a (suit(boy)/long slinky dress)
    You get a clean red shirt and black trousers.
  • 8
    You drop a chip on the carpet so you...
    Brush it a little bit and then eat it.
    Pick it up and eat it.
    You throw it away. Though you wouldn't have dropped it in the first place.
  • 9
    You're going to the cinema with your mates but just before-hand you was playing with your dog/cat and you have all the hairs on your top so you...
    Brush the hairs off.
    Leave it who cares what your friends think of you they're your mates they wouldn't care.
    Eugh...Yucky...You'll put in in the wash and find a new shirt.
  • 10
    Do you fart, burp or pick your nose?
    I fart occasionally and burp too.
    Yep all three of them, ALL THE TIME!
    I try not to.
    NO! Never. That's disgusting... Eugh...
  • 11
    Do you your friends think you're gross?
    They say that I'm the cleanest person EVER. It's not my fault that they're a bit mucky...
    They say that I'm normal. I mean everyone's gross sometimes.
    Yeah they say I'm the grossest person they've met.

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kassidy ( 3.105 )
Posted 143 days ago
this quiz is cool