If you were a mystical creature...

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This quiz is to determine what kind of mystical creature you would be. Answer honestly!

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    1. How would you best describe you best describe your personality?
    I am really goal oriented. There isn't anything I can't do. I will do anything my power to achieve my goals.
    I am very smart and love to meet new people. I am good when it comes to determining others personalities. I would rather read the book than see the movie.:)
    I love to help people. I give good advice and I am a great listener. I avoid conflict at all times. I am usually a very peaceful person.
    I also love to meet new people. Music is my oxygen. I have a few really close friends and I am very family oriented. I am very good at keeping relationships. I love to express my emotions to others.
    I can be very goofy at times...sometimes when I need to be serious. I don't have many close friends. I am usually really back in less someone starts messing with me. I can get ugly.
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    What are some of your weaknesses?
    I can make decisions way too easily. I know I can also be immature or hard-headed from time to time. I also have a fear of letting others in.
    I can be irrational at times and It is really hard to trust anyone anymore.
    When I am not needed, I usually like to be by myself. I usually flee when I have to face a challenge.
    I can get very impatient and moody. I can easily get aggressive when something doesn't go my way.
    I can get way to attached to something quickly. I am needy at times and express my emotions too much sometimes.
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    Which color group do you like the best?
    Cool colors like Blue and Green
    Bright or Pastel colors
    Warm colors like Yellow, Red and orange
    Dark or dull colors like black and gray
    I love every color equally.. how could you choose!
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    Describe your perfect date.
    The perfect date for me would be eating dinner and watching a movie from home. Big crowds make it less intimate for me.
    The perfect date would be at my crib, in my bed.. You know how we do! P.I.M.P BOooyE! That's if I can actually get a date...yeah
    My idea of a perfect date would be sitting at Barnes and Noble, sipping my coffee and talking about current events or visiting an art gallery.
    The perfect date would be very detailed. Eating a picnic at the beach as we watch the sun set. After we were finished we would gaze at the stars as we cuddled on our blanket.
    As long as I am with the one I love, it doesn't matter what we do or where we go.
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    CRISIS! You are at work in your 10 story office building when the fire alarm goes off. What would you do?
    I would be trampling over people as I run out the nearest exit as fast I could. I am not trying to die.
    I would be directing people to the nearest, safest exit.
    I would be helping the people who were injured.
    I would be freaking out in a corner somewhere until help arrived.
    would definitely avoid the stairs. They would be way to crowded! I can't believe I am the only one who would think of that. Losers.
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    How would you best describe your social life.
    I have a lot of close friends and I try to spend as much time with them as I can. I would rather be alone catching up on my reading though.
    don't have time for a social life between school and work. I have my career to think a bout.
    I have one or two very close friends and I am very close to my family. I try to make as much time with each of them as I can. they are all important to me.
    I have a lot of associates, but I usually like to kick it at home and chill by myself.
    I don't have many close friends at all. If I do hang out, it's because it's convenient,
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    How self- conscious are you?
    I don't worry about what others think of me at all. I love myself for who I am and if they can't, then their loss.
    Not at all...everyone knows that I am fabulous.
    I am very self conscious. Almost on a daily basis so I keep myself hidden.
    I usually get a lot of compliments from my friends and family... so I am not too self-conscious.
    I am a little self conscious at times.. isn't everyone?
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    What best describes your style?
    I love to wear very elegant, sexy and glamour styles
    My style is very detailed and original. I do keep up with the fashion trends. I even match my underwear.
    I love to be comfortable and casual. Jeans and a T-Shirt
    wear clothes...? Yes clothes are nice.. they keep me warm and covered...yep.
    I have a very comfortable style, plain sweats and baggy T-shirts on a daily basis. I don't really care how I look.
  • 9
    Pick an element. "Captain planet! He's our hero! Got to take pollution down to 0!..*cough* sorry"
  • 10
    What is your favorite type of music?
    You like a little of everything. "I'm a little bit country! I'm a little bit rock-and-roll! YEAH!...Whoooo....*ahem*...right"
    Punk Rock
    Rap/Hip Hop/R&B
    Nature Sounds, Relaxation type of music

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