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Are you a true Gilmore Girls Fan?

  • 1
    What time was Rory born?
  • 2
    Who was going to be Romeo (before Tristan came) in the first "cast" meeting?
  • 3
    Where is Gilmore Girls filmed?
    Stars Hollow... duh
    Long Beach
    Los Angeles
  • 4
    Who does Lorelai learn about Rory first kiss from?
    Ms. Patty
    Mrs. Kim
  • 5
    What job did Kirk have when we first saw him in Gilmore Girls?
    Security Installer
    DSL installer
  • 6
    In the episode "Nick/Nora & Sid/Nancy" why was Lorelai trying to make the little boy buy a Danish for her?
    She was in a fight with Luke after Luke said no to the dinner
    She was mad at Jess for stealing a beer so she didn't want to face him
    She was in a fight with Luke because Jess is more screwed up than he thinks he is
    Rory told her not to go in there when she is feeling frisky
    She was mad at Luke for bringing Jess to Stars Hollow
  • 7
    When Christopher brings Sherry back to Lorelai's house, what kind of food do Rory and Lorelai set up on the coffee table?
    Cold pop tarts
    Halloween Candy
  • 8
    In the episode "Say Something" where does Luke break up with Lorelai?
    Luke's apartment
    Doose's Market
    Lorelai's House
    On the Street
  • 9
    What beverage did Alexis(Rory)change her "coffee" to while they are filming?
    Hot Chocolate
    ...its still coffee
    Iced Tea
  • 10
    In the episode "Tippecanoe and Taylor, too" why does Jackson want to run for town selectman?
    Because Taylor doesn't want to be town selectman anymore
    Taylor thinks Jackson would do a great job and gives him his job
    Because Jackson promised the town his fine vegetables
    Because he is mad at Taylor for telling him that he needs to move his greenhouse 6 inches over
    Because the whole town thinks Jackson would do a really good job and nominates him
  • 11
    What was the "Sniffy's Tavern" (the restaurant Lorelai and Luke had their first date) named after?
    Buddy and Maisy used to have a dog named Sniffy
    It was Luke's first word so they named it that
    One of their friends suggested it and they thought it sounded good
    The tavern before Sniffy's was named Sniffy's so they decided not to change the name
    Buddy and Maisy had their wedding at another place named Sniffy's
  • 12
    What were Luke and Lorelai talking about before Lorelai proposed to him?
    Moving in together in the Twickham house
    Logan and how he is a bad influence on Rory
    Kidnapping Rory and talking her back into Yale and moving out of the pool house
    How Lorelai and Rory are not talking anymore
    How Emily and Richard invited Luke to Friday night dinners
  • 13
    Where does Rory tell Lorelai she's not going back to Yale?
    Friday night dinner
    on the phone
    At her house
  • 14
    Why did Rory say she wanted to go to Europe with her grandmother?
    To get away from Lorelai
    So she wouldn't have to spend her summer doing extra credit homework
    So she could see Europe again
    So she could spend some time with her grandmother
    To get away from Dean
  • 15
    In the episode "The Deer-Hunters" why does Max ask Lorelai if she is a B-52's girl
    Because she asked Max if he knew who they were
    Because she was talking to another mom about them
    Because she was singing a song from them
    Because she is wearing a B-52's shirt
    Because she dropped a picture of them
  • 16
    Who was originally cast to play Sookie?
    Melissa McCarthy
    Kelly Bishop
    Lauren Graham
    Alex Borstein
    Alexis Bledel
  • 17
    Complete this quote.
    Lorelai: "Sorry for making you get all dressed up."
    Luke: "That's okay, it's good for me to do once in a while. It reminds me why I'm not a(n) _________."
  • 18
    In the episode "The Incredible Shrinking Lorelai's" what does Lorelai said Luke is?
    Her Best Friend
    Her boyfriend
    Her knight in Shining Armour
    Her Burger boy
    Her Luke
  • 19
    In the episode "Luke can see her face" what does Andrew think Luke is buying at the bookstore?
    Children's Movies
    Self Help Books
    Diet Books
    Coloring Books
  • 20
    In French Gilmore Girls (it's basically Gilmore Girls but in French) what nationality is Michel suppose to be?
    African American
    French.. duh

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