Which Colour Mage are You?

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You've played the game Magic the Gathering, now take this quiz to see which colour best suits your personality

  • 1
    Which statement best describes your views on morality?
    I stand up for what I believe in and so should everyone else.
    Don’t know/Don’t care.
    Might makes right.
    It’s all relative, but I do have some principles
    Morality doesn’t concern me. I do what I want to get what I want.
  • 2
    You are in a duel, mortal combat style. What do you do?
    I believe that fighting is 20% physical and 80% mental. I will psych them out with my super smarts, then deliver the final blow with a move that looks awesome!
    Attack them, head on with my super strength!
    Enlist my minions to do the dirty work for me, then close in and smother them to death
    Be unpredictable. Strike fast, strike where they least expect it.
    Try to make nice and avoid a fight.
  • 3
    You are the general in a war. What’s your battle strategy?
    Use my spontaneity to surprise them with guerrilla warfare. Lots of explosives included.
    Use my superior knowledge of military history to deliver a surprisingly elegant victory over my enemies.
    Set up impeccably strong defenses. No one will be able to get through to us!
    Outnumber and outgun the enemy, then use brute force to crush them.
    I will do anything to win, even if it means giving up resources, the lives of others, or my own body parts.
  • 4
    You are on your way to see your significant other when suddenly you are attacked by ninjas. You:
    Recite the Lord’s Prayer before you run through them
    Knew that this would happen and are totally prepared.
    Would never have, or want to have a significant other, so this situation doesn’t apply to you. Love is for suckers.
    Pull out your trusty explosives. Ninja go splat.
    Charge, head on. These ninjas don’t stand a chance.
  • 5
    You have just murdered somebody. The autopsy reveals that the cause of death was:
    One extremely well aimed bullet to the aorta.
    Suicide. Apparently you managed to talk your victim into it.
    Reflex shot
    Pipe bomb
    Several blows to the skull.
  • 6
    Scene: a courtroom. Who are you?
    I don’t have any business in a courtroom. I’d rather be freeee!
    I am the defendant, and I will get away with my crime.
    I am the judge. I stand for justice, equality and order, no matter what the cost.
    I am the witness; unreliable but fun to play.
    I am the lawyer; it doesn’t matter who I’m representing, as long as I get paid.
  • 7
    Your weapon of choice:
    Dual pistols! Shoot them up!
    My faith in God! Righteousness will prevail!
    My bare fists! Word to your mother!
    My superior intellect
    My minions!
  • 8
    In your opinion, the best way to become a good poker player is:
    Using your instincts
    Practice practice practice
    Play chaotically and carelessly. Even the best players are sometimes befuddled by new players’ randomness.
    Learn how to bluff.
  • 9
    I value….the most.
    nothing is too sacred to me.
  • 10
    My ideal goal in life would be
    to defent the weak and stand up for the downtrodden
    have fun/do whatever I want
    to get in touch with myself/become a nature hippie
    to be a corporate raider/EMPEROR OF THE WORLD!
    to be the most learned and respected professor at the world’s most prestigious university

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