Buffy quiz, seasons 1-4

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Test your knowledge

  • 1
    What is Riley's last name as he states it in season 4, in the episode 'the initiative'?
  • 2
    Where does Buffy stab Faith in season 3 in the episode, 'Graduation Day Part I'?
    She only slashes her across the chest
    The Leg
    In the middle of her forehead
    The shoulder
    The stomach
  • 3
    In season 4, in the episode 'Something Blue' what of the five senses does Giles loose?
  • 4
    In season 4, in the episode 'Beer Bad' what does Buffy do when Parker apologises to Buffy for real?
    Buffy apologises too
    Buffy knocks him unconscious
    Buffy stakes him
    Buffy hugs and kisses him
    Buffy turns and walks away
  • 5
    In season 4, before Willow was Buffy's roommate, who was?
  • 6
    In season two, in the episode' Bewitched, bothered and bewildered' who was the only female not to be affected by Xander's spell?
  • 7
    What gift was Buffy given in season three, episode 'the prom'?
    Giles have her the slayer handbook
    a rose from Angel
    Willow put a protection spell on her.
    an umbrella of protection
    a medal of being the class clown
  • 8
    In season 4, in the episode 'Something Blue' why was Buffy convinced that Willow's spell had no effect on her and that she and Spike really were in love?
    she thought Willow hadn't made the spell to effect her
    She thought that it would only effect people who hadn't died before
    She did actually realise that she was effected
    she knew that spike was her true love anyway
    she was the slayer and had a natural immunity
  • 9
    In season 3, in 'Graduation day part 1' when Angel was shot by a poison arrow, what was the only thing that could sure him?
    Buffy's blood
    a vengeance demon's blood
    a potion made only by a gypsy
    another vampire's blood
    the blood of a slayer
  • 10
    What is so significant about Angel's return to Sunnydale in season 4, episode 'Pangs'?
    Xander decides that he's gay
    Angel comes back to stay with Buffy
    Buffy never actually knows Angel is there
    Angel comes back to say that he doesn't love Buffy anymore
    Giles dies and Angel takes his place as watcher

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