InuYasha Quizette!

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  • 1
    InuYasha loves Kagome. But he uses to love Kikyo. Why did he love Kikyo?
    Kikyo loved him and asked him if he loved her
    Because she was pretty
    Kikyo promised to give him the jewel if he fell in love with her
    She chose not to kill him which meant she must of had some feelings for him
    He agreed to become human and marry her
  • 2
    Kagome has no feelings towards Koga. So why is she so nice to him?
    Kagome's a kind person and she knows Koga means well
    He's so kind to her and promises to get Naraku's head for her
    She does have feelings for him
    He's not a bad guy
    It's hard to hate someone who keeps declaring his love for you
  • 3
    Sango got Kirara...
    from a forest where she found the cat demon hurt
    When she still lived in her village
    When she was very young
    From her father
    From her father when she was very young
  • 4
    Why did Shippo attempt to steal the jewel shards from Kagome and InuYasha when he first met them?
    To avenge his fathers death
    He had heard of the jewel and wanted the shards for himself
    To kill the Thunder Brothers
    The Thunder Brothers made him
    To kill the Thunder Brothers for no apparent reason
  • 5
    Miroku is a lecher because...
    He just is!
    He's a man! All men are lecherous!
    Well, uh....
    I don't think anyone knows
    He just likes "feeling up" women
  • 6
    Kikyo took care of Onigumo... why?
    She felt sorry for him even though he was a bandit
    Kaede made her
    Because she had some free time on her hands
    She knew he would never move again so she at least tried to care for him a little
    Because she felt bad for his injuries
  • 7
    Naraku hates InuYasha...
    Because InuYasha was a half demon and Naraku despised all half demons
    Because he wanted to use the jewel to become a full demon
    Kikyo was going to use the jewel to make him all human
    It was Kikyo he really hated and InuYasha was associated with Kikyo
    He doesn't have a reason
  • 8
    Kagome's friends describe InuYasha as...
    An ego maniac
    A dude with serious problems
    A gangster
    A tough motorcycle biker dude
    A spoiled, rude, selfish boyfriend
  • 9
    Sesshomaru and Jaken don't exactly get along, and Sesshomaru is so mean to Jaken. So why does Jaken stay around?
    He's brain dead
    He's afraid of Sesshomaru
    He's scared that if he leaves Sesshomaru, the demon will kill him
    If he's not protected by Sesshomaru, he'll die
    He's very loyal even though Sesshomaru treats him badly
  • 10
    How do YOU think InuYasha and Kagome feel about each other?
    They hate each other. Kagome loves Koga and InuYasha loves Kikyo
    In the end, InuYasha will use the jewel to become a human for Kagome
    They will always be together
    Kagome promises to always be by InuYasha's side

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