What Kind Of Anime Girl Are You?

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I love anime, you love anime, we all love anime! See what kind of anime girl you are?

  • 1
    The all annoying color question! What is your favorite color?
    Black, the color of my soul………….
    Red! BLOOD!
    I HATE ANIME! (me: *gasps* Ember will come after you, especially if you say something about her anime guys)
  • 2
    Say you’re going to a party, what do you wear?
    A shirt that says “I HATE ANIME!” and pants that say on the pockets “ANIME SUCKS ASS!” (me: *tries to hold back Ember* DON’T ANGER HER!)
    Is it a goth party? (me: Whatever kind of party you want) Ok then, a black gothic dress will do……….
    A dark red halter top, um….. and black baggy pants!
    Jeans and shirt
    A pink top, pink skirt and pink heels. AND! *crazy eyes* PINK EARRINGS!
  • 3
    You’re at the party for about 2 hours until someone brings drinks! What do you do?
    Oh! Drinks! Maybe a few won’t hurt me…………
    BRING THEM ON! *runs towards the drinks and gets drunk*
    I only drink blood……… YOU GOT PROBLEM WITH THAT! (Me: are you a vampire or something?)
    Yuck, I hate beer and all that crap
    Ewwwwwww! Beer!
  • 4
    Ok, I’m trying so hard not to make this into a story. Describe your ideal anime guy dream date!
    Strong, handsome and kick ass!
    I guess someone who’s a little goofy and loves to have fun!
    Someone who’s evil and will help me conquer the world! (me: You would make great friends with Ember. Seriously, you would)
    NO ONE! I HATE ANIME! GET A LIFE! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND! (Me: Well he can’t be sexier than anime guys…)
    Some sexy vampire, I know! Zeph! From Ember’s quizzes! (me: He’s just a figment of her imagination) So what! (me: that means he’s not real………) I don’t care! I love him!
  • 5
    All right then! What weapon appeals to you the most?
    A big ass sword or buster blade. *smiles evilly*
    A nice long stealth sword, that I can lick the blood off of…… (Me: *gets grossed out* You’d make great friends with Ember too)
    What weapon? I don’t fight! *runs off screaming something about vampires are taking over the world*
    How about a really long sword so I can chop all anime people’s head off! Muhahahahahahaha!
    Oh! A staff! Magic rules! Go magic
  • 6
    Ok so your getting a pet, what is it?
    A fish! I’d name it Oscar. (Me: But he died, Mary shot him dead) NOOOOO! Poor Oscar!
    A boa constrictor
    A bat!
    A puppy with white fur
    Nothing like I said I hate this quiz but if you insist, a dog that kills everyone who likes anime!
  • 7
    If you had anime hair what color would it be?
    Pink hair!
    Baby blue
    Silver BABY!
  • 8
    Yay smile:)> my fangs rule!
    ^ ^
    XP you suck
    No XP
  • 9
    Ok do you love anime?
    Yes, yes, yes
    Vampire anime
    Yes, it rocks
    Yeah, it’s ok
    No it sucks! Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • 10
    Will you rate?
    Maybe a 4 or a 5.......
    Yes I love anime what would I do with out your quiz!
    Yes, I'd give you a 0! (me: *cries* Mean! )
    Yes! *rate five stars or whatever they are called*
    Ya I love anime!

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Poptarts ( 24720 )
Posted 52 days ago
Hm...i dont like it...p,use id never be a cheerleader and even if i was i wouldnt be no weak💗punk
Lockser/Fullbuster ( 68070 )
Posted 180 days ago
I am the Blue anime...how...i'm not the best swimmer...
Haru ( 41044 )
Posted 488 days ago
Savannah ( 03327 )
Posted 647 days ago
I don't like the way I look
Yuki Cross ( 91598 )
Posted 661 days ago
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told my friends to take this quiz and their really jealous that I got the vampire anime one XD
Zelda ( 91598 )
Posted 661 days ago
I just pressed all the I HATE ANIME dots and started laughing so much when I saw that picture of a pissed off Inuyasha
Leone ( 91598 )
Posted 661 days ago