So, You Think You Know Full House, eh?

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20 Questions - Developed by: Lisa - Developed on: - 11.821 taken

You might think you know all there is to know about Full House, but you have to take this test to prove it!

  • 1
    In the first season, when Joey, Jesse, and Danny go out to do some "male bonding", what is the name of the boat they go fishing on?
    Neptune's Daughter
    Neptune's Bride
    Neptune's Sea
    Neptune's Baby
    Neptune's Ocean
  • 2
    What important thing of Michelle's do Nicky and Alex wreck?
    her writing assignment for school
    her special locket from Uncle Jesse
    a ring that was her mom's
    her solar system science project
    her favorite stuffed animal
  • 3
    Why does Stephanie have to go to a psychologist one time?
    she kept having nightmares
    she was traumatized when a tornado came
    she witnessed a bad hurricane
    she was acting very weird
    she was very shaken up after an earthquake
  • 4
    When Uncle Jesse is mysteriously leaving the house with the same blue gym bag many times, D.J wants to know what's in does she attempt to figure it out?
    she begs her father to get Jesse to open the bag.
    she put an Oreo inside the bag so that Michelle would open it.
    she pleads with her uncle until he spills the beans to her.
    she bribes Stephanie into opening it.
    she snuck up to Jesse's room to open it.
  • 5
    When Joey first moved in, before he had his own room, where did he stay?
    he stayed with Michelle
    he and Jesse shared a room
    In the "Tanner Cove"
    In the "luxurious Alcove"
    In the "wonderful Alcove"
  • 6
    How many episodes are in the first season of Full House?
  • 7
    In what grade were Kimmy and D.J not in the same class anymore and why?
    In 4th grade because D.J got put into the smart class.
    In 5th grade because Kimmy was held back
    In 3rd grade because Kimmy transferred schools.
    In 5th grade because Kimmy transferred schools
    In 5th grade, because D.J got put into the smart class.
  • 8
    In what grade was Stephanie pressured to smoke?
  • 9
    Who becomes a preschool drop-out and why?
    Michelle because Uncle Jesse pulled her out
    Michelle because Danny pulled her out
    Michelle because Joey pulled her out
    Stephanie because Joey pulled her out.
    Stephanie because Uncle Jesse pulled her out
  • 10
    What Texas city did Michelle's best friend, Teddy, move to?
  • 11
    Finish this quote from Danny in the first season. "Do you mind if I ask you a question before you go________________"
    Rob a bank
    Knock off a 7-11
    skip the town
    skip town and change your name
    change your name and skip town
  • 12
    What does " The Duck Flies At Midnight!" mean?
    Joey is coming
    Jesse is coming
    Danny is coming
    Michelle is coming
    the ice cream man is coming
  • 13
    What does Michelle do that causes Danny to give her her first punishment?
    disobeys a baby sitter
    lies to Joey
    crosses the street alone
    goes swimming in the kitchen
    eats a cookie before dinner
  • 14
    What does Jesse say would go perfect with the pink bunnies on his wall?
    a big bunny stuffed animal
    Barbie's dream house
    Barbie's dream car
    Cabbage Patch kids
    purple butterflies on the ceiling
  • 15
    Who gets the part of Yankee Doodle when Michelle's class has a play?
  • 16
    When Danny gets his first national sports broadcast, what two things do D.J and Stephanie get him as gifts?
    tie and tie tack
    coffee mug and tie
    tie tack and coffee mug
    nothing at all
    picture frame and tie
  • 17
    When the gang goes to Hawaii, how do they get stranded on an island?
    their boat floats off to sea
    the Menehunes capture them
    they fall off the boat
    their boat sinks
    the Menehunes steal the boat
  • 18
    When D.J gets the rep as a bad kisser, what does she call it?
    the ultimate crisis
    a super crisis
    a mega crisis times 10
    a mega crisis times 2
    a mega crisis
  • 19
    Why does Joey give up comedy for a short period of time?
    he gets a better career
    he thinks he's a failure at it
    he hates it
    he gets bored of it
    his father wants him to quit to go to the military
  • 20
    In "The Seven Month Itch" why did Jesse come back from Lake Tahoe?
    he missed his nieces
    D.J begged him to come back
    Stephanie begged him to come back
    Joey came and brought him back
    he was worried about Michelle being sick and he missed the girls

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