Who is your perfect InuYasha match?

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Have you ever wondered if InuYasha was your type? Or maybe Miroku? Take this quiz to find out who is the perfect InuYasha guy for you!

  • 1
    Where would he take you on a first date?
    His house (ohhhhhh)
    A picnic under the stars
    Fancy Restaurant
    The darkest place he can find
    Monster Truck Rally
  • 2
    Does he kiss you on the first date?
    We do more then kiss (ohhhhhhhh)
    I think he hates me....
  • 3
    For Valentines Day, what does he get you?
    Wouldn't you like to know? (ohhhhhhhhh)
    Nothing, he forgot
    Flowers and Chocolate
    He hates Valentines Day
  • 4
    It's your birthday! He takes you to...
    His mothers (what a loser! maybe I should dump him!)
    Another monster truck rally
    His house (ohhhhhhhhhh)
    The beach to watch the sunrise
    An even fancier restaurant
  • 5
    How will he propose to you?
    He'll simply ask, "Will you marry me?" like that
    He'll get down on one knee and offer me the biggest diamond ring EVER!
    We're already married
    I broke up with him
    I don't think he'll propose to me
  • 6
    What are his dieing words to you?
    Don't forget me...
    I love you more then anything....
    Be happy.....
    Finally I can get away from you!.....
  • 7
    What is his best quality?
    Everything! Everything, I can't pick just one!
    You don't wanna know! (ohhhhhhhhhh)
  • 8
    On a scale from 1 to 10, how much does he love you?
    More then infinity! (ohhhhhhhhh)
  • 9
    What's his favorite movie genre?
    Adult (ohhhhhhh)
  • 10
    Will you stay married for ever?
    We didn't even get married!
    I think we'll get divorced
    Uh... Sure
    Oh Yeah! (ohhhhhhhh)

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