Intelligence Test

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20 Questions - Developed by: Ben Remero - Developed on: - 17.829 taken

If you want to measure how intelligent you are, at least according to my test, just answer the questions. This is a selection quiz, which means each answer is assigned a point value. Your total point value determines an estimate of intelligence.

  • 1
    On Earth, a mahogany chair weighs 20 pounds. In Dimension X, the same mahogany chair weighs 95 pounds. What is the conversion from the 3rd dimension to Dimension X? e=Earth weight
  • 2
    South Africa has three capitals. What are they?
    Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town
    Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Johannesburg
    Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Cape Town
    Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban
    Soweto, Durban, Johannesburg
  • 3
    Charlotte has 10 nickels,3 quarters, 8 dimes, and 2 half-dollars. She needs $2 to buy a pack of Extra gum.
    She wants to use the least amount of coins possible. How many coins does she use? (Quarters = $0.25 each; Nickels = $0.05; Dimes = $0.10; Half-dollars = $0.50)
    2 half-dollars, 8 dimes, 3 quarters
    3 quarters, 8 dimes, 9 nickels, 0 half-dollars
    2 half-dollars, 3 quarters, 7 dimes, 1 nickel
  • 4
    The Pythagorean theorem is as follows: a squared + b squared = c squared. Following this logic, if a = 3 and c^2 = 90; what is b?
    b = 7^2
    b = 81
    b = 8
    b = 9
  • 5
    What does this sentence mean in "lay language": The audacious, bold woman functioned reasonably while utilizing the cumbersome stilts provided by the jester.
    I don't know
    The daring, risky woman worked well while trying the bulky stilts she was given by a jester
    The intriguing, daring girl couldn't use the heavy stilts given her by the entertainer
    The daring, bold woman worked well while using the cool stilts given her by the clown
  • 6
    If all Dweebs are Snorbs, and most Snorbs are Borbs, then are all Borbs Dweebs?
    None of the above
    Who knows?
  • 7
    (65 + 45)(3) - 62 / (9 + 2)(4)

    Solve using Order of Operations.
  • 8
    The Normans defeated the English in the year 1066 in the Battle of Hastings.
    I don't know
  • 9
    Who was the President of the United States in the year 1775?
    I don't know
    James Madison
    Thomas Jefferson
    There was none
    George Washington
  • 10
    The capital of Angola is what city?
    Burkina Faso
    You expect me to know?
  • 11
    Uranium, plutonium, rutherfordium.
    What do all of these have in common?
    They're all elements of the periodic table.
    They all have to do with science.
    How should I know?
  • 12
    The maximum capacity of a Volkswagen is 5. Would it be sensible to attempt to put 6 in the car?
    How should I know?
    There isn't enough information.
  • 13
    Albert Einstein's famous theory is what?
    E = m(c^3)
    mc(mc) = E
    E = mc^2
    I am not aware of the theory of which you speak.
  • 14
    You arrive at a restaurant called Eat Right. The menu looks like this:
    Pureed Lettuce & Celery - 400 calories
    Vegburger & Sweet Potato Fries - 300 calories
    Coleslaw & Minced Tomatoes - 55 calories
    Pig Heaven Cake - 100 calories

    You can only intake 2000 calories a day. You consumed 900 calories at lunch, and 3/4 of that at breakfast. You need to eat 2 dishes for a nutritious dinner. Which could you eat?
    Vegburger & Sweet Potato Fries w/ Coleslaw & Minced Tomatoes
    Pureed Lettuce & Celery w/ Coleslaw & Minced Tomatoes
    Vegburger & Sweet Potato Fries w/ Pig Heaven Cake & Coleslaw & Minced Tomatoes
    Excuse me?
  • 15
    A family of three is traveling to the capital. The family consists of a father, and two daughters. The father weighs 180 pounds. The daughters each weigh 90 pounds. The family has only a boat that can carry 180 pounds. How do they all get across?
    The 2 daughters go first, daughter #1 goes back. The father goes to the other side. Daughter #2 goes to the other side, and both daughters travel to the other shore.
    Who knows?
    Daughters #1 and #2 go to the other shore, and they tell Father to swim.
  • 16
    The Dukedom of Artois is x hectares. The Dukedom of San Juan is 2x hectares, and the Dukedom of Santiadieago is 987 hectares. 987 is x + -87. How big is Artois?
    1, 800 hectares
    2, 148 hectares
    It's 2x hectares, just like you said!
  • 17
    Madam, I'm Adam. Which number is representative of that statement?
    Hey ho, I don't know!
  • 18
    Bushes ---> Trees as Bears --->?
    What kind of question is that!
  • 19
    If I roll a bowling ball back and forth before I bowl, it is scientifically proven that the ball will move faster than if I just walk up and throw. What is the force that is behind that?
    I'm not a scientist!
  • 20
    How do plants get the nourishment necessary for survival?
    A botanist I am not!

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