Is he going to marry you?

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Are you wondering if the guy you are with now is the guy you should stay with or that you should marry? To find out take this quiz.

  • 1
    How much does he tell you he loves you?
    All the time...every second.
    Every once in awhile
    Once a day
    When his friends aren't around
  • 2
    When he is around you and his friends what does he do?
    We don't hang out with his friends.
    Just talks to them.
    Talks to them and to me too.
    Only Talks to me
    Leaves me by myself until they're gone and then comes and talks to me
  • 3
    How much of the future have you talked about?
    Getting married... having kids... buying a house...
    What were going to do Next week
    What were doing for our anniversary next year
    What he's doing Tomorrow
    Upcoming Birthdays and holiday's
  • 4
    When you talk what do you talk about?
    Everything...things we both like
    How much we miss each other
    General topics
  • 5
    Do you love him?
    *sigh* yes but I don't want him to know
    I don't know yet
  • 6
    How much time do you spend together?
    Only when he wants to have sex.
    Once a month
    Once a week
    Only on Weekends
  • 7
    When you are together what do you do?
    Just Hang out
    Hug and kiss... make love
    Talk...Hug and kiss.. make
    Make love...Do it
  • 8
    Has he asked you to marry him yet?
    I can't remember I don't listen when he talks
    why would he do that?
    Kind of.. he brought it up once
  • 9
    Do you see yourself with him for the rest of your lives?
    I don't even want to begin... it's just sex
    Yes.. Absolutely
    I don't think I want to.
    I could imagine it.
  • 10
    How long have you been with him?
    We're not together!
    A couple days
    a year or more
    a month
    Almost a month